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Hachijojima island

Hachijojima islandHachijojima mapHachijojima is an island in Izu Islands, and is located about 250 km south of Kanagawa Prefecture and about 180 km south of Izu-Oshima.
There is Hachijo-kojima which is an uninhabited island about 7 km west of Hachijojima.

This island has two volcanoes.
They are Hachijo-fuji (854 meters high) at the northwest part of the island and Mount Mihara (701 meters high) at the southeast part.
The island is formed by the connection of the volcanoes, and the main town and the airport is on the valley between the volcanoes.

The last eruption of Hachijo-fuji was in 1606.
But the last eruption of Mount Mihara was in prehistoric times.

It is warm and rainy through the year because of warm ocean current, and the average annual temperature is about 18 degrees C.
And it is also windy.

It is said that human lived in this island 6,500 years ago.
Since the late 12th century, here has been governed by Japanese government.
From the 17th to the 19th centuries, here had been one of the places of exile.

One of the island's specialties is "Kihachijo".
It is a fabric using plant dyeing silk. Yellow, auburn and black silks are combined.
It is designated as a national traditional craft.

The point of the sightseeing is mainly the nature of the island and scenery from the volcanoes. The whole island is in the national park.
Various flowers bloom in the island all year round, and there are many scuba diving spot around the island.
The Hachijo Visitor's Center is in the botanical park near the airport, so you can get some information about the travel.

In the island, several route buses run.
And you can use taxi, rental car, retal motorcycle or rental bicycle to tour around the island.

How to get to here

By Airplane

From Haneda airport, about 50 minutes.

By Ship

From Takeshiba pier (near Hamamatsucho in Tokyo), about 11 hours. (Takeshiba 22:30 - Sokodo port in Hachijojima 9:30)

Hachijojima from the sea
Passenger ship from Tokyo
Evening view of Hachijojima
A road in Hachijojima

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