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Hahajima island

Hahajima islandHahajima mapHahajima is located about 50 km south of Chichijima.
It is one of Hahajima Islands, and there are more than a dozen small islands around Hahajima.
"Hahajima" means "Mother island".

The island is slender from north to south, and the length is about 13 km.
The whole island is mountainous, and the coasts are mostly high cliffs. And subtropical forests cover the whole island.
In this island, there are several peculiar plants and birds.

There is the only town named Motochi district in a cove on the southwest coast, and about 400 people live there.
The ship from Chichijima comes in there. (Oki port)

There are only more than a dozen small inns in this town.
So advance reservations are required. If you have come here without reservations, you may require to return to Chichijima.

In this town, there are only a few shops. And restaurant is also only one sushi shop.

The main sightseeing spots in this island are its natures.
And we can meet the whales and dolphins in the sea.
We can enjoy various marine sports in this island.

This island has no public transportation.
As the method of touring, there are taxi, rental car, rental motorcycle and rental bicycle.

Main spots are the followings.

  • Rosu Museum /1/ : Rosu is a stone of Hahajima's specialty. This meseum displays its history and products. At the north end of Motochi district.
  • Mount Chibusa /2/ : The highest mountain in Hahajima (463 meters high). About 2.5 km from Motochi.
  • Long Beach Observatory /3/ : An observatory that we can see Long Beach. About 6.5 km from Motochi.
  • Roppon-yubi-jizou /4/ : Guardian deities with 6 fingers. About 9 km from Motochi.
  • Higashi-ko /5/ : A port facing a bay located northeast of the island. There is no house and only a pier. About 10 km from Motochi.
  • Kita-ko /6/ : An old port in the northernmost cove. Until World War II, there was a town and the ship to Tokyo had started from here. About 11 km from Motochi.
  • Mount Kofuji /7/ : A mountain like Mount Fuji at the southern tip of the island. About 5.5 km from Motochi.
  • Minamizaki beach /8/ : A beach just west of Mount Kofuji. Nice place to dive. (But the current is strong.)
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Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

How to get to here

By Ship

From Futami port in Chichijima, about 2 hours and 10 minutes.
It is operated about every two days.

Oki port from ship
Only a diving shop in this island
Rosu Museum
Products of rosu stone
Observatory on Mount Chibusa
Oki port and the town from Mount Chibusa
Long Beach Observatory
The bay of Higashi-ko
The top of Mount Kofuji
Minamizaki beach
Mount Kofuji from Minamizaki
Bonin white-eye (Endemic bird in Hahajima)

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