Nata-dera temple [那谷寺]

Main temple of Nata-dera
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Kigan-yusenkyou in Nata-dera
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Nata-dera is a temple of Koyasan Branch of Shingon Buddhism, one of the major schools of Japanese Buddhism.

It is located about 10 km south of central Komatsu city, and about 3 km southwest of Awazu hot spring resort.
And it is about 35 km southwest of Kanazawa city.

It is said that Priest Taicho founded this temple by enshrining a statue of the thousand-handed Kan'non in 717.

And when Emperor Kazan visited here in 986, he named this temple "Nata-dera".

In the 14th century, this temple had come to ruin by civil wars.
But Maeda Toshitsune, the 2nd lord of Kaga Clan, restored this temple in 1640.

The site of the temple is on the slope of the mountain.
So, there are forests, ponds, beautiful garden and rocky hills in the site.

The main temple is located near a huge rocky cliff, and the thousand-handed Kan'non is enshrined in the temple.

Sanmon gate of Nata-dera

Shoin of Nata-dera
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After passing through Sanmon gate, there are Shoin (書院) and Kondou-Kaouden temple (金堂華王殿) near the gate.

Shoin is Priest's study room and was built in 1649.
There is a Japanese garden covered with moss behind Shoin.

Kondou-Kaouden temple has been rebuilt in 1990, and all Buddhist memorial services are held in this temple.

Kondou-Kaouden of Nata-dera

Daihikaku (Main temple) of Nata-dera
Photo by Rettou Houmotsukan

After walking on the approach for 150 meters, we reach the main area.

There is the main temple by the cliff.
It is formally called Daihikaku (大悲閣).
It is the temple restored in 1642.

Near the main temple, there is an attractive area of cliff with rocks of unusual shape.
It is called Kigan-yusenkyou (奇岩遊仙境).

There is Inari shrine in the middle of the cliff and the pathes are set up.

A path in Nata-dera
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Kigan-yusenkyou in Nata-dera
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The site around Kigan-yusenkyou and the main temple is famous for its beautiful autumn leaves.
November is the best season.

To see the scenery, there is an observatory near the main temple.


How to get here

Get off at Kaga-Onsen station of JR Hokuriku Line.
From Kanazawa, about 25 to 30 minutes by any limited express.
From Osaka, about 2 hours 15 to 25 minutes by limited express.

Then, From Kaga-Onsen station, by sightseeing route bus "CANBUS", about 28 minutes (Mountain Route).


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