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Mount Hakusan

Mount HakusanMap around Mount HakusanHakusan is the volcanoes located on the prefecture's borders among Ishikawa, Gifu and Fukui.
The last eruption was in 1659, and the volcano has been tranquil since that.

It has many peaks.
The central peaks are Gozenmine (2,702 m), Kengamine (2,677 m) and Oonanjimine (2,684 m), and these three peaks are generally called "Hakusan".
Mount Hakusan is the Japan's westernmost mountain over 2,000 meters high.

"Hakusan" means "white mountain".
In spring, the snow on all mountains has already melted, but one on Mount Hakusan still remains.
So we can find Hakusan, the "white mountain", easily in this area.

In 717, high priest Taicho performed the ascetic practices in this mountain.
Since that, Hakusan became one of the popular mountains to worship, along with Mount Fuji and Mount Tateyama.

But Mount Hakusan is not so easy to climb for general tourists.
When we climb Mount Hakusan, we must have enough equipments to trek.

To visit around Mount Hakusan easily, we use the toll road "Hakusan Super Rindou".
The road run through Mount Hakusan from east to west, and the length is about 33 km.
The eastern exit is near Shirakawa-go (a world heritage) in Gifu Prefecture.

Unfortunately, no route bus runs on the road. So when we tour there, we must use a private car or a rental car.
And this road is opened only from June to early November, and all cars cannot run at night.

Shirayama-hime Shrine

Shirayama-hime Shrine It is a Shinto shrine in San'nomiya Town.
The town is located about 15 km south of Kanazawa city, but Mount Hakusan is far from here and the mountain is located about 35 km south-southeast of this shrine.

In Japanese myth, this shrine was founded in the 1st century B.C. and the current shrine was rebuilt here in 1480.
This location is on the route to Mount Hakusan, so it is thought that the religious facility was built along the route.

There are about five thousand shrines named "Hakusan shrine" throughout the nation, and this shrine is the head shrine of them. The first two kanji characters of the name is "Hakusan", but they are read as "Shirayama" in this shrine. On the top of Gozenmine, the small branch shrine is set up.

How to get to here

By railroad (To Shirayama-hime Shrine)

Get on the train to Kaga-Ichinomiya on Hokuriku Railway Line from Nomachi terminal, near Nishi-Chaya district and Ninja-dera temple in Kanazawa city.
It takes about 35 minutes. And walk for 10 minutes.

By car

From central Kanazawa city, about 16 km to Shirayama-hime Shrine, about 45 km to entrance of Hakusan Super Rindou.

Mount Hakusan
Hakusan Super Rindou
Fukube Falls near Hakusan Super Rindou
Entrance of Shirayama-hime Shrine
Main shrine of Shirayama-hime Shrine

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