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Kaga hot spring resorts
(Yamashiro, Yamanaka, Katayamazu, Awazu)

Kaga hot spring resortsKaga hot spring resortsKaga hot spring resorts are at the southwest part of Ishikawa Prefecture.
Basically, Kaga hot spring resorts include four resorts (Yamashiro, Yamanaka, Katayamazu, Awazu).

All resorts have long histories.
Yamashiro, Yamanaka and Awazu was opened in the 8th century, and Katayamazu was opened in the middle of 17th century.
All of them has been the popular hot spring resorts in Hokuriku Region, then many tourists visit here every year.

To Yamashiro and Katayamazu, the sightseeing route bus "CANBUS" runs from JR Kaga-Onsen station.
To Yamanaka, the normal route bus runs from Kaga-onsen station. It runs through Yamashiro.
And to Awazu, the route bus runs from JR Komatsu station.

Yamashiro hot spring resort /1/

Yamashiro hot spring resort It is the largest resort in Kaga hot spring resorts, and is located about 4 km south of JR Kaga-onsen station.
There are about 30 high-class hotels and ryokans with Japanese traditional outside.
It is said that this hot spring was found in 725 by high priest Gyoki during his travelto Mount Hakusan.
Since that, a famous feudal warlords in the middle ages and many intellectuals in the modern ages visited here.
Additionally Kutani ware, one of the popular and gorgeous Japanese porcelains, originated around here, so there is "Old Kutani Pottery Remain Museum".

About 15 minutes, by sightseeing route bus "CANBUS" (Mountain Route) from Kaga-onsen station.

Yamashiro Hot Spring : Yamashiro Hot Spring Tourist Association official website

Yamanaka hot spring resort /2/

Yamanaka hot spring resort It is a hot spring resort located about 9 km south of JR Kaga-onsen station.
This hot spring has the legend that priest Gyoki found this during his travel, so it has a history of around 1,300 years.
The resort is along a gorge named Kakusenkei formed by Daishoji River, and a few unique bridges are over the river.
There are more than 20 ryokans in this resort.

About 30 minutes, by route bus from Kaga-onsen station.

Yamanaka Onsen Tourism Association official website

Katayamazu hot spring resort /3/

Katayamazu hot spring resort It is a hot spring resort located about 3 km northeast of JR Kaga-onsen station.
The resort is on the southwestern side of Lake Shibayamagata close to the Sea of Japan. So the water of spring contains thick salt.
This hot spring was found in 1653, and was developed in the late 19th century.
There are about a dozen ryokans, and it is the only waterfront resort among Kaga hot spring resorts.

About 1 hour, by sightseeing route bus "CANBUS" (Sea Route) from Kaga-onsen station.
Only 10 minutes by taxi.

Katayamazu Hot Spring official website

Awazu hot spring resort /4/

Awazu hot spring resort It is the smallest resort among the Kaga hot spring resorts.
This hot spring was found in 710 by high priest Taicho, then it is the oldest spring among four springs. It is said that the ryokan "Houshi" was opened when the spring was found, then it is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest accommodation.

About 25 minutes, by route bus from Komatsu station.

Houshi official website

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How to get to here

By railroad

Get off at Kaga-Onsen station on JR Hokuriku Line.
From Kanazawa, about 25-30 minutes by any limited express.
From Osaka, about 2 hours 15-25 minutes by limited express "Raicho" or "Thunderbird".
From Maibara (transferring from Tokaido Shinkansen), about 1 hour 25 minutes by limited express "Shirasagi".
Between Kaga-onsen and Komatsu, about 10 minutes by limited express.

By car

Run the Hokuriku Expressway, and exit at Komatsu or Kaga Exit. About 14-18 km from there.

A street of Yamashiro Yamashiro in the evening
Public bath in Yamanaka Kakusenkei gorge in Yamanaka
Katayamazu facing Shibayamagata Ukimidou temple on Shibayamagata
Town of Awazu An outdoor bath in Awazu

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