Soujiji Soin [總持寺祖院]

Sanmon gate of Soujiji Soin
Photo by Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

Main temple in Soujiji Soin

Soujiji Soin is a Buddhist temple of Soto school which is one of the major Zen sects in Japan.
It is located about 18 km southwest of the center of Wajima city.

It is said that this was founded as a temple of esoteric Buddhism by priest Gyoki in the 8th century.

Then, it became a temple of Soto school in 1321, and was named as Soujiji.

Since that, it had been the central temple of Soto school with Eiheiji in Fukui Prefecture, and about 13,000 branch temples had been built throughout Japan.

But, in 1898, most buildings were burned down in a big fire.

The temple was rebuilt in 1905.
On this occasion, the temple had been moved to Yokohama city near Tokyo in 1911.

After that, the center of Soujiji has been the temple in Yokohama, and this temple became Soujiji Soin meaning the original temple.

Of course, it is still a major temple in this area.

Kyozo (Scripture house) in Soujiji Soin
Photo by Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

Priests in training in Soujiji Soin
Photo by Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

In this temple, you can experience training ascetic practices such as Zen meditation.

One-hour training is the experience of Zen meditation and the priest teaches you.

Two-days training is the exprience of real Zen training, and you act with real priests. (Of course, you must do that seriously.)

Soijiji Soin

How to get here

By route bus, to Monzen stop, 35 minutes from Wajima bus terminal, 35 minutes from Anamizu station.
(The buses are operated every 3 to 4 hours.)

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