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Wakura hot spring resort

Wakura hot spring resortWakura hot spring resort is positioned at the middle part of Noto Peninsula, and is located about 60 km north-northeast of Kanazawa city.
The resort is in Nanao city, and faces Nanao South Bay.

There are high-class hotels and ryokans along the coast.
The resort offers many tourists a base to tour Noto Peninsula.

This hot spring began to spring out in the early 9th century in a valley.
After that, the springing place had moved under the sea by crustal movement.
In the 1050s, a fisher couple found an egret curing its own wound in the steaming sea, then the hot spring was found again.

In 1611, when Toshinaga Maeda, the 1st lord of Kaga Clan, had a swelling, he ordered the Wakura's hot water and the swelling had been cured.
It created a sensation, then Toshitsune Maeda, the 3rd lord, constucted an island around the hot spring to use the water conveniently.
Since that, Wakura became the popular hou spring resort.

The spring water contains very thick salt.

How to get to here

By railroad

From Kanazawa to Wakura-onsen on JR Nanao Line, about 1 hour by limited express.
All limited expresses are from Osaka, Nagoya or Echigo-Yuzawa.

By car

Run on the Noto Yuryo Road, and exit at Tatsuruhama Exit. About 70 km from central Kanazawa city.

Wakura hot spring resort
The original spring of wounded egret
Yuttari Park (Park of foot bath)
Notojima-Oohashi bridge to Noto Island

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