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Hamarikyu Gardens

Hamarikyu Gardens Hamarikyu Gardens is a Japanese garden located just southeast of Sio-Site area.
It is roughly-quadrangular and is about 2.5 hectares wide.

The area is surrounded by canal on three sides, and faces the mouth of Sumida River to Tokyo Bay on the southeast side.
The main pond in this garden is connected with Tokyo Bay, so the tide comes and goes in this pond.

Here had been a reed field for hunting with a falcon for Shogun's family.
And in the middle of the 17th century, they built a resort villa and developed the garden.
Then in Meiji period (1868-) here became a detached palace of Emperor's family.

Most buildings had been destroyed by the Great Kanto earthquake (1923) and air raids in World War II.
After the war, Emperor's family donated this to Tokyo metropolitan government, and it has been opened to the public with charge since 1946.

In this garden, there are the above seawater pond and a few ponds for duck hunting.
And we can see various blossomes and flowers such as cherry blossom and Japanese tree peony.

There are two gates, "Ootemon gate" (north gate) and "Naka-no-gomon gate" (northwest gate).
Additionally there is a dock at the east part of the garden, and the pleasure boats touring around Tokyo Bay and Sumida River stop.

How to get to here

By subway or Yurikamome

5-7 minutes walk from Shiodome station (Ooedo Line, Yurikamome)

Hamarikyu Gardens
Hamarikyu in spring
Rainbow bridge from Hamarikyu
Performance of traditional hunting with a falcon

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