Rainbow Bridge [レインボーブリッジ]

Rainbow Bridge

Loop part of Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is the cable suspension bridge connecting between Shibaura area and Odaiba area.

It is located about 5 km south of Tokyo station.

The length is 798 meters, and the height from the sea surface is 52 meters.

It is said that the height was determined by the size of the famous world's luxury liner, the Queen Elizabeth 2.

The construction began in 1987 and it was completed in 1993.

Walkways on Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge in the evening

The bridge has two stories.
A Metropolitan Expressway runs on the upper part, and a general road and Yurikamome run on the lower part.

And the walkways are on the both sides of lower part, so we can walk across the bridge.

The bridge is lit up in the night every day.

How to get here

  • Yurikamome crosses this bridge between Shibaura-futo (U05) and Odaiba-kaihinkoen (U06).

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