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Kappabashi kitchen town

Kappabashi kitchen townKappabashi kitchen town is a town with many shops selling cookwares and kitchen instruments.
The shops line from north to south along a 900-meter street between Ueno station and Asakusa area from north to south.
About 150 shops are in the town.

Of course, they sell the cookwares and kitchen instruments, so people involved in restaurants visit here.
But there are some shops selling food models to display at the restaurants, and most tourists visit here and get some goods as their souvenir.

Food model was invented in Japan in early 20th century.
They are made of plastic resin or wax, and the works are authentic-looking. And each work is mede by hand.
Most foreign visitors are amazed at its sophistication.

"Kappa" is one of Japanese imaginary animal. It is said that Kappa lives in rivers and sometimes does mischief to humans.
So this town use Kappa as the official mascot.

How to get to here

By subway

  • About 5 minutes walk from Tawaramachi station (Ginza Line).

By Tokyo Shitamachi Bus

  • Get off at Kikuyabashi stop. From Tokyo station, about 25 minutes.

Entrance of Kappabashi kitchen town
A statue of Kappa in Kappabashi kitchen town
A shop of kitchen instruments
A plateware shop
Food model in Kappabashi
Food models in Kappabashi
Food model in Kappabashi Food models for souvenir

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