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Mount Takao

Mount TakaoMount Takao is a mountain 599 meters high and is located about 10 km west-southwest of Hachioji city and about 42 km west of Shinjuku.

It has been designated Meiji-no-Mori Takao Quasi-National Park, and has been the land of Takaosan-Yakuouin temple, so rich and natural forests in this mountain have been protected for a long time.

Because visitors can come here from central Tokyo in about an hours, more than 2.5 million visitors a year climb this mountain.

The express trains of Keio Line leads to the east foot of the mountain from Shinjuku directly, then Takaosan-guchi station is the starting point of the hiking.
Between here and the top, six trails (Trail 1-6) and Inariyama Trail are set up.
We can shortcut with a cable car or a lift.
Additionally a trail from the top to Mount Jinba located about 8 km northwest also is set up.

On the top, there is an observatory and a visitor center.
We can see the towns in Tokyo and Yokohama city in the distance.
If it is fine, we can see Mount Fuji to the southwest.

On the mountainside, there is Takaosan-Yakuouin temple.
It is a Buddhist temple of Shingon sect, and it is said that the temple was founded in 744.
Many temple buildings are dotted in the mountain.

Mt. Takao official website : The website by the company of the cabel car and lift.
Keio Railway official website

Mount Takao map

How to get to here

By express of Keio Line to Takaosan-guchi, 53-57 minutes from Shinjuku.

Approach to the trails of Mount Takao
Takaosan-Fudoin temple
The station of cable car and lift
The cable car of Mount Takao
Biwa waterfall in Mount Takao
Octopus cedar in Mount Takao
Takaosan-Yakuouin main gate Gongendo in Takaosan-Yakuouin
A trail near the top of Mount Takao Mount Fuji from the top of Mount Takao

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