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Mount Mitake

Mount Mitake Mount Mitake is a mountain 929 meters high.
It is located near eastern end of Oume city, and is located about 50 km east of Central Tokyo.
The top is on the south side of the valley flowing Tama River.

Near the top, there is Mitake shrine. It is said that it was founded in 90 B.C.
So here had been the sacred land of mountain worship since ancient times.
Around the shrine, there are several former prayer's houses, and they have currently become inns for visitors.

From the foot of the mountain, we can go up to near the top by cable car, and continuously, go up to an observatory by lift.
The visitor center is located 0.3 km southwest of the observatory, and Mitake shrine and the top is located about 0.5 km south of the visitor center. On the way there are several inns along the road.
Additionally near the approach, there is a Japanese zelkova over 1,000 years old.
And we may be able to find Japanese giant flying squarrels.

The Tama River around the foot of the mountain forms a gorge named "Mitake gorge".
Along the river, walking trails are set up, so we can enjoy seeing the limpid streams.

How to get to here

  1. Get on the train of JR Oume Line diveraging from Tachikawa on Chuo Line.
    The rapid trains run from Tokyo to Oume. To oume, 1 hour and 15-35 minutes from Tokyo, 32-35 minutes from Tachikawa.
  2. Transfer the local train to Okutama. Then get off at Mitake station. About 17-19 minutes from Oume.
  3. By route bus to "Cable-shita", about 10 minutes. We can reach the station of the cable car.

Mount Mitake
Cable car on Mount Mitake
An old inn in Mount Mitake Mitake shrine
Mitake gorge

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