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Nihon Minka-en open-air museum

Nihon Minka-en open-air museum Nihon Minka-en is the open-air museum where more than 20 traditional farm houses have been removed.
It is located about 15 km northwest of JR Kawasaki station. It is in Ikuta Ryokuchi park.

This museum was opened in 1967.
Most of houses were built in the 17-19th centuries in various regions in east Japan.
They have thatched roofs and are built of wood.
Seven houses are designated as a nationally important cultural assets.

Nihon Minka-en official website

How to get to here


  1. Get on the train on JR Nanbu Line at JR Kawasaki station.
  2. Get off at Noborito station. About 28 minutes from Kawasaki.
  3. About 20 minutes walk from the station.

By Odakyu Line

  1. Get on the express on Odakyu Line at Shinjuku station.
  2. Get off at Mukogaoka-yuen. About 22 minutes from Shinjuku.
  3. About 12 minutes walk from the station.

Hara House in Nihon Minka-en
Suzuki House in Nihon Mineka-en
Sasaki House in Nihon Minka-en
Emikai House in Nihon Minka-en
Sakuda House in Nihon Minka-en
Ota House in Nihon Minka-en
Kitamura House in Nihon Minka-en
Ito House in Nihon Minka-en
Kudo House in Nihon-Minka-en Photo by Rettou-Houmotsukan

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