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Enoshima island

EnoshimaEnoshima is a small island connected by a sand bar about 500 meters long.
It is located south of central Fujisawa city, and is located about 7 km west of central Kamakura.
"Shima", the latter part of "Enoshima", means island in Japanese.

The island is only 1 km from east to west and 0.5 km from north to south in width.
The highest spot is 60 meters high.
Now this island is connected with the mainland by a bridge.

It is said that a shrine was built on this island in 552 for the first time.
And the formal building was built in 1182 by Yoritomo Minamoto, the founder of Kamakura government.
In the later 19th century, a Japanese-style hotel was opened.
Since that, many people has visited here as one of the sightseeing spots.

In the center of the island, a lighthouse stands, and the height is about 60 meters. (So, the top is at the height of 120 meters above sea level.)
The highest part has an observatory, and we can go up to there with the escalator. (It is charged. And it is only up.)

Near the lighthouse, there is the botanical garden "Samuel Cocking Garden".
This was opened in 1882 by Samuel Cocking, an Irish marchant.

In the western part of the island, there are "Iwaya Caves" with two caves.

Additionally, abandoned cats has increased since the 1980s, then many stray cats are living comfortably in this island.

How to get to here

From Kamakura

  1. Get off at Enoshima station on Enoden. It takes 23 minutes.
  2. About 12 minutes walk from the station.

From Fujisawa

  1. Get off at Katase-Enoshima terminal station on Odakyu Line. It takes 7 minutes.
  2. About 5 minutes walk from the station.

Enoshima island
Lighthouse in Enoshima
Enoshima shrine
Approach to Enoshima shrine
Iwaya caves
Inhabitants in Enoshima

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