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Kanazawa Castle Park

Kanazawa Castle ParkKanazawa castle Park is a park with Kanazawa Castle in the literature.
It is located about 1.5 - 2.0 km southeast of JR Kanazawa station, and there is Kenrokuen garden just to the southeast of it.

In 1580, the original castle was built here. And Toshiie Maeda take rein of the castle in 1583.
He laid the foundation for the developement of Kaga area, and his posterity governed Kaga for generations.
In 1676, Tsunanori Maeda, the 5th lord, built Kenrokuen garden as an attached facility of the castle.

The main castle tower was destroyed by fire after lightning in 1602. After that, it wasn't rebuilt, instead, a 3-story building was built.
But most buildings were destroyed by fire in 1881.
Since that, this site was used by headquaters of Imperial Japanese Army until the end of the World War II, and Kanazawa University used from 1949 to 1995.

From 1996, Kanazawa city began to restructure this site as the historic park.
Then some buildings were restored in 2001.
The restoration work is continuing now.

The buildings which we can see are the followings.

  • Ishikawa-mon : The main gate to the park facing Kenrokuen. It is one of constructions in existence, and was built in 1788.
  • Sanjukken-nagaya : A long warehouse, about 48 meters long and 5 meters wide. It is one of constructions in existence, and was rebuilt in 1858.
  • Tsurumaru arsenal : An arsenal built in 1848.
  • Hishi-Yagura : A three-story building restored in 2001.
  • Gojukken-nagaya : A long warehouse restored in 2001.
  • Hashizume-mon Tsuzuki-yagura : A two-story building restored in 2001.

Kanazawa Castle Park official website

How to get to here

By route bus

  • By Kanazawa Loop bus, from Kanazawa station to Kenrokuen-shita stop, about 18 minutes. (Fare : 200 yen)
  • By Kenrokuen Shuttle bus, from Kanazawa station to Kenrokuen-shita stop, about 15 minutes. (Fare : 100 yen, only Saturday, Sunday and National holiday)

By car

Run the Hokuriku Expressway, and exit at Kanazawa Morimoto Exit. About 8 km from there, about 15 minutes.

Kanazawa Castle Park
Kanazawa Castle Park in the evening
Ishikawa-mon gate
Sanjukken-nagaya warehouse
Tsurumaru arsenal
Photo by Railstation.net
Hishi-yagura, Gojukken-nagaya, Hashizume-mon Tsuzuki-yagura
Photo by Railstation.net

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