Nagamachi Samurai Residences [長町武家屋敷]

Street of Nagamachi Samurai Residences
Photo by Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

Alley with earthen walls in winter
Photo by Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

Nagamachi is a district located about 1 km west of Kanazawa Castle Park and about 1.5 km south of Kanazawa station.

There is Kôrinbô district which is the main shopping distict in Kanazawa about 350 to 400 meters east.

In Edo Period (1603-1868), samurais serving Kaga Clan had lived in this district.

A narrow street runs along a small canal, and the main section is about 500 meters long.
At the south end, there is Nagamachi Intersection.

A private residence in Nagamachi district
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Gate of a private residence
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About 20 samurai residences remain in this district, and many of them are along the street.

Most residences are surrounded with earthen wall.

In winter, the walls are covered with straw mats for keeping out the heavy snow and ice.
It is the charming sights in winter.

Especially, an alley in the middle of the street is popular for the earthen walls.

Nagamachi district

Alley with earthen walls

In most residence, people still live.
But, a few residences are open to the public and there are museums about samurai in the district.

The followings are the main spots. (From south to north).

Maeda Tosanokami-ke Shiryokan
Photo by Kanazawa City

Shinise Memorial Hall
Photo by Kanazawa City

Maeda Tosanokami-ke Shiryokan Museum (前田土佐守家資料館) is the museum displaying the articles of Maeda Family.

We can see various samirai goods and documents.

Maeda Tosanokami-ke Shiryokan Museum

Shinise Memorial Hall (老舗記念館) is a museum of old marchant's house.

It was an ancient pharmacy, and the shop is reproduced.
The building were constucted in 1878.

Shinise Memorial Hall

Inside of Nomura Residence
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Japanese garden of Nomura Residence
Photo by Kanazawa City

Nomura Residence (野村家) is a samurai residence, and is opened to the public.

The residence was removed and reconstructed in 1843.
It has a beautiful Japanese garden.

Nomura Residence

Takada Family Residence Remains
Photo by Kanazawa City

Ashigaru Shiryokan
Photo by Kanazawa City

Takada Family Residence Remains (高田家跡) is the site of a middle-class samurai residence.

Above Nomura Family was a high-class samurai, so this is smaller than Nomura Residence.
The gate has been restored and we can see the Japanese garden.

Ashigaru Shiryokan Museum (足軽資料館) is a museum introducing the life of "Ashigaru".
Ashigaru was the lowest-class samurai, and worked as clerk, watchman, etc. in the governmant.

Two houses of Ashigaru are displayed in this museum.

How to get here

By route bus (Kanazawa Loop Bus or Kenrokuen Shuttle), about 10 minutes from Kanazawa station to Korinbo stop.

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