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Nishi-Chaya district

Nishi-Chaya districtNishi-Chaya district is one of three old downtowns in Kanazawa.
It is on the south side of Sai River through Kanazawa city, and is located about 1.5 km southwest of north of Kanazawa Castle Park.

Higashi-Chaya and Kazuemachi-Chaya districts are close to Kanazawa Castle, so it is said that samurais and rich marchants mainly visited there.
But this Nishi-Chaya district was in the old town of common people. Then it is said that a part of this diistrict was a red-light area.

Like other districts, most of the restaurants don't receive the first-time customer. We cannot visit them without the introduce by the patrons.
But we can visit "Nishi-Chaya Shiryokan Museum", which has been rebuilt on the site of an old tea house.

How to get to here

By route bus

Get on a route bus at track No 7, 8 or 9 in front of Kanazawa station.
To Hirokoji stop, about 10 minutes. About 5 minutes walk from there.

By car

About 2 km from Kanazawa Castle Park.

Nishi-Chaya district
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association
Nishi-Chaya district
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association
Nishi-Chaya Shiryokan Museum
Lesson of Geisha performance for tourists
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association

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