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Kanazawa Noh Museum

Kanazawa Noh MuseumKanazawa Noh Museum is a museum about "Noh" (Japanese traditional masked dance-drama), and is located to the west of Kenrokuen garden.

People in Kanazawa had enjoyed watching Noh as common events in Edo Period (the 17-19th centuries).
They had been played on the stage in shrines and temples.
So Kanazawa is still main city of Noh in Japan.

This museum was opened in 2006 as Japan's first Noh museum.
We can see the model of stage with moving image.
And stage costumes, masks and some other devices are displayed.

How to get to here

By route bus

  • By route bus through Korinbou, from Kanazawa station to Korinbou stop, about 10 minutes.
  • By Kanazawa Loop bus, from Kanazawa station to Minami-cho stop, about 32 minutes. (Fare : 200 yen) (It take much times because the stop is near the end of the route.)
  • By Kenrokuen Shuttle bus, from Kanazawa station, about 9 minutes. (Fare : 100 yen, only Saturday, Sunday and National holiday)

By car

Run the Hokuriku Expressway, and exit at Kanazawa Morimoto Exit. About 8 km from there, about 15 minutes.

Kanazawa Noh Museum
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association
Omege of Noh stage
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association
Display of costumes
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association

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