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Seisonkaku villa

Seisonkaku villaSeisonkaku is a villa of Kaga Clan next to Kenrokuen garden.

It was built in 1863 by Nariyasu Maeda, the 13th lord of Kaga Clan, for his mother Takako.
She spent here in her final years.

This villa has the elegant spaces for her.
On the shoji (paper sliding-door), various pretty pictures are drawn.
On the wall, papers are coated and various patters are drawn with gold and mica powder.
The long velanda of her living room has no pillar to see the beautiful garden without cutting off the view.

After her death in 1870, this villa was used as the accommodation for the Emperor's family.
It is designated as a nationally important cultural property.

We can tour the inside of the villa.
And it is a museum, so it displays many Takako's good and collections such as traditional Japanese dolls and beautiful kimonos.

Unfortunately, taking photos is not permitted in this villa.

Seisonkaku official website

How to get to here

By route bus

  • By Kanazawa Loop bus, from Kanazawa station to Hirosaka stop, about 20 minutes. (Fare : 200 yen)
    And walk for about 7 minutes.
  • By Kenrokuen Shuttle bus, from Kanazawa station to Seisonkaku-mae stop, about 13 minutes. (Fare : 100 yen, only Saturday, Sunday and National holiday)

By car

Run the Hokuriku Expressway, and exit at Kanazawa Morimoto Exit. About 8 km from there, about 15 minutes.

Main gate of Seisonkaku
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association
Entrance of the villa
Photo by Railstation.net
The villa of Seisonkaku
Photo by Railstation.net
Warehouse in Seisonkaku
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association
The gate of Kenrokuen side
Photo by Kanazawa City Tourism Association

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