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Tokugawa Art Museum

Tokugawa Art MuseumTokugawa Art Museum is a museum displaying the artifacts and art objects which Tokugawa Family (the Shogun family in Edo Period) in Nagoya had owned.
It is in Tokugawaen Garden located about 3 km east of Nagoya Castle.

This museum was founded in 1935.
And it houses 9 national treasures and many national important cultural properties.
The works are swords, armors, Ieyasu Tokugawa's belongings, furnishings of marriage, gorgeous kimonos, tea utensils, calligraphic works and paintings.
(We can't take pictures in here.)

And the tea ceremony room and Noh stage which were in original Nagoya Castle has been restored in theis museum.

The most famous article is Genji Monogatari Emaki (Picture scrolls of the Tale of Genji). (National treasure)
The Tale of Genji is the Japan's oldest dynastic novel created in the 10th century by Murasaki-shikibu, a woman novelist and poetess.
The picture scrolls has the paintings of various scenes in the novel, and it is said that they were created around the 12-13th centuries.
These are housed in Tokugawa Art Museum and Gotoh Museum in Tokyo.

The real works are exhibited only once or twice a year.
So the replicas are usually displayed.

Tokugawaen is a Japanese garden rebuilt in 2005.
Originally here was the residence after retirement of Mitsutomo Tokugawa, the second lord of Nagoya castle, built in 1695.
It was destroyed by the air raid in World War II, and had been used as a park after the war.
The peony garden is popular.

Tokugawa Art Museum official website
Tokugawaen garden official website

How to get to here

By railway

Get off at Oozone (Meijo Line of subway, JR Chuo Line).
Then walk for about 15 minutes.

By route bus

By sightseeing route bus "Me-guru" about 15 minutes from Nagoya Castle.

Main gate of Tokugawa Museum and Tokugawaen Tokugawa Art Museum
Tokugawaen garden Peony in Tokugawaen

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