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Daigoji temple

DaigojiDaigoji is a temple of Shingon Buddhism, one of the major schools of Japanese Buddhism, and is located about 9 km southeast of Kyoto station.
This temple is one of 17 constructions of "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto" designated as a World Heritage Site.

This temple was founded in 874 by high priest Shobo (832-909).
He built two temples on the top of two mountains, so many ascetics had come to train and this temple developed.
And Emperor Daigo (885-930) protected this temple. His name belongs to the name of this temple.

This temple had fallen into ruin, but it had been rebuilt since the late 16th century.

Current Daigoji has two main areas.

At the foot of the mountain, there is "Shimo-Daigo".
It has large temple grounds, and several buildings are there.
Kondo temple built in 1600 and Five-story pagoda built in 931 are designated as national treasures.
Sanbou-in temple is a branch temple of Daigoji, and was founded in 1115. It has a gorgeous Japanese garden. (We are not allowed to take photos of the garden.)

"Kami-Daigo" is around the top of Mount Daigo (about 450 meters high) located about 2.5 km east of Shimo-Daigo.
To visit here, we must climb up a steep mountain path. It takes about an hour from Shimo-Daigo.
There are many temples in Kami-Daigo.
Yakushido temple built in 1121 and Seiryugu-Haiden shrine rebuilt in 1434 are designated as national treasures.

The admission fees are the followings.
Shimo-Daigo : 600 yen / Sanbou-in : 600 yen / Reihoukan (Museum) : 600 yen
Kami-Daigo : 600 yen

Daigoji temple official website

How to get to here

By subway

About 8 minites walk from Daigo station on Tozai Line of subway.

Niomon gate (Shimo-Daigo)
Kondo (Shimo-Daigo)
Five-story Pagoda (Shimo-Daigo)
Bentendo (Shimo-Daigo)
Photo by Inariage.com
Entrance of Sanbou-in 150-year-old cherry tree by Sanbou-in
The path to Kami-Daigo Yakushido (Kami-Daigo)
Seiryugu-Haiden (Kami-Daigo) Nyoirindo (Kami-Daigo)
Kaizando (Kami-Daigo) Godaido (Kami-Daigo)

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