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Tamatsukuri hot spring resort

Tamatsukuri hot spring resort Tamatsukuri hot spring resort is positioned in a valley near the south coast of Lake Shinji.
It is located about 10 km southwest of central Matsue city.
Along Tamayu River, there are more than a dozen ryokans and hotels.

This hot spring was found in the 8th century.
And it is said that this was found by a god "Sukunabikona". In Japanese myth, Sukunabikona helped the god "Ookuninushi" create the land of Japan.
In ancient book introducing this region, there is a mention of Tamatsukuri hot spring.
"If you bathe once, you will become good-looking. If you bathe twice, your illness will cure."

"Tamatsukuri" means "making beads".
Since ancient times, the mountain around here has produced agate.
The people had made beads for nacklace of agate from the 4th century B.C. to the 8th century A.D.
A bead has the shape of "C", and is called "magatama" in Japanese.

Near the resort town, there is a historic park.
In the museum, we can see the unearthed article including many magatama.
And the ancient workshops of magatama has been resotored in the park.

How to get to here (Matsue city)

By railroad

  1. By JR San'in Line, about 6-10 minutes from Matsue to Tamatsukuri-onsen.
  2. By route bus, about 7 minutes from the station to the resort town.

By route bus

From JR Matsue station to resort town, about 28 minutes.

Tamatsukuri hot spring resort
Wide outdoor bath like a pond in a ryokan
Unearthed magatama displaying in the museum Restored workshop of magatama

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