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Oki Islands

OkiMap of Oki Islands Oki Islands are the islands located about 70-100 km north of Shimane Peninsula in the Sea of Japan.
(In Japanese, these islands are called "Okinoshima" or simply "Oki".) On the northeast side, there is nearly circular Dougo island.
On the southwest side, there are Douzen islands, and the main islands are Chiburi-shima, Nakano-shima and Nishino-shima. ("Shima" means "island".)
The distance between Dougo and Douzen is about 15 km.

People were already lived in these islands in the Stone Age.
In the 8th century, important people from Balhae and Silla (the ancient Korean Kingdoms) came to Oki Islands.
In the middle ages, Oki became a place of exile.
Especially the exiles of Emperor Go-Toba in 1221 and Emperor Go-Daigo in 1332 are known.
And in the 18th century, this islands became a stopping point of ship course connecting western Japan and northern Japan.

This island have had no particular industry, so many people had gone to the mainland around the high-growth period of the 1970s.
Now the total population of there islands is about 23 thousand.

But whole area of Oki has been designated as a part of the National Park since 1963.
The main sightseeing spots in Oki islands are the sceneries of its rich narure.
And the main event "Ushi-tsuki" is the traditional match between bulls in Oki Islands.

To Oki Islands, the airplanes come from Izumo Airport and Itami Airport (Osaka). Oki Airport is at the south end of Dougo island.
And the ferries are operated from two ports (Shichirui, Sakaiminato) in Shimane Peninsula.
Dougo Island is the main destination, and the name of the port is Saigou Port.
It is about 3 km north of Oki Airport, and there is the central town in Oki Islands around the port.

It is a little hard to tour around the island.
Route buses run only in Dougo Island, but there are only a few services a day on each route.
So you only have a choice of the means of transportation such as rental car, rental bicycle, walking.

Popular sightseeing spots in Dougo island

  • Sasaki House /1/ : The oldest house in Oki Islands in Kama district located about 7 km northeast of Saigou Port.
    It was built in 1836, and is designated as an important cultural property.
    Many farming tools and livingwares are displayed in the house.
  • Jodogaura Coast /2/ : A coast with many rocks and steep cliffs in the northeast part of the island.
    It is located about 15 km north of Saigou Port.
    "Jodo" means "Pure land in Buddhism", so we can see the beautiful scenery there.
  • Lizard Rock /3/ : A large rock like a lizard climbing a cliff.
    In Japanese, it is called "Tokage-iwa".
    It is located in the mountains located about 10 km north of Saigou Port.
  • Shirashima Coast /4/ : The coast around the northern cape of the island.
    There are many cliffs and small rocky islands.
  • Candle Rock /5/ : A tall rock in the sea located near the northwest coast of the island.
    The roch about 20 meters high is about 500 meters off the coast, and the observatory to see the rock is set up on the coast.
    When the setting sun comes just at the pointed top the rock, it looks like a lighted candle.
  • Mizuwakasu Shrine /6/ : A Shinto shrine located about 15 km northwest of Saigou Port.
    It is regarded as the foundation in the 4th century, but it is unknown. But it exited in the 9th century.
    It is said that the architecture is a unique Oki style.
  • Dangyo Falls /7/ : A waterfall about 50 meters high located in the mountain at the west part of the island.
    It is the largest waterfall in Oki Islands.
    There is Dangyo Shrine near the waterfall.
  • Wooden boat houses /8/ : The lining about 20 wooden boat house located about 10 km west of Saigou Port.
    It is the old-style scenery in this fishing village. The boat houses were rebuilt in 1987.
    Around the village, there is a beautiful beach with many pine trees.

Popular sightseeing spots in Douzen islands

  • Kuniga Coast /11/ : The coast with steep cliffs.
    It is at the west part of Nishino-shima.
    Matengai cliff is 257 meters high, and there are several caves along the coast. On the cliffs, grass fiels spread.
    It is one of the most popular spots in Oki Islands.
    The pleasure boat around Nishinoshima is operated.
  • Chiburi-Sekiheki /12/ : The coast with rusty steep clffs.
    It is the coast about 1 km long at the soutwest part of Chibiru-shima island.
    "Sekiheki" means "Red walls", and the colored cliffs have a strong impact.
    We can see them from an observatory, and the pleasure boat is operated.
  • Oki Shrine /13/ : A Shinto Shrine in Nakano-shima island.
    Exiled Emperor Go-Toba died in 1239 in this island. After that, small tomb was built.
    A mausoleum was built in 1658, but it was demolished in 1869.
    At last, this shrine was built in 1939 to mark the 700th anniversary of the Emperor's death.
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How to get to here

By airplane

From Izumo Airport, about 30 minute.
From Itami Airport (Osaka), about 1 hour and 5 minutes.

By ship

From Shichirui Port and Sakaiminato Port, ferry comes to Saigou Port.
To Shichirui Port, by route bus, about 40 minutes from JR Matsue station, about 50 minutes from JR Yonago station.
To Sakaiminato Port, by JR Sakai Line, about 40-50 minutes from Yonago to Sakaiminato. The port is near Sakaiminato station.
Ferry and high-speed ship are used as the ship.
By ferry, about 2 hours and 25 minutes from Shichirui to Saigou.
By high-speed ship, about 1 hour and 12 minutes.
Most of them call at all islands of Douzen.

Sasaki House Jodogaura Coast
Lizard Rock Shirashima Coast
Candle Rock Mizuwakasu Shrine
Dangyo Falls Wooden boat houses
Ushi-tsuki in Oki Islands
Kuniga Coast Kuniga Coast
Chiburi-Sekiheki Oki Shrine

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