Nezu Museum [根津美術館]

Entrance of Nezu Museum
Photo by Kentaro Ohno

Inside of Nezu Museum
Photo by Kentaro Ohno

Nezu Museum is a private museum of art.
It is located about 500 meters southeast of the end of Omotesando street.

This museum was opened in 1941.
Nezu Kaichiro (1860-1940) was a great buisinessman of railway, and this museum was established for displaying his private collection.

His collection was mainly the antique work of art in Japan and eastern Asia, and he had owned about 4,600 works.
After that, this museum has increased the collection and houses more than 7,400 works now.
Many national treasures and important cultural properties are includes in the collection.

Japanese garden in Nezu Museum
Photo by Kentaro Ohno

A pond in Nezu Museum
Photo by Kentaro Ohno

The building of the museum was rebuilt is 2009.

Glass are installed for many sides of the buildings, and we can see Japanese garden from inside.

Nezu Museum

How to get here

  • Nearest stations of subway.
    Omotesando (G02 Ginza Line, C04 Chiyoda Line, Z02 Hanzomon Line)
    About 8 minutes walk from there.

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