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Kyoto Railway Museum

Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum Kyoto Railway Museum is the museum about the history of Japanese national railway.
It is located about 1.5 km west of Kyoto station.

Until 2015, it was "Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum".
It was literally the museum of Japanese steam locomotives.
Many other historical marerials were added, so this new museum was renewed in 2016.

This museum has main museum and semicircular garage of steam locomotoves.
In main meseum, various historical vehicles of Japan are exhibited.
And semicircular garage is the former garage of steam locomotives which arrived at and departed from Kyoto station.

Steam locomotives had run around Japan until the early 1970s.
In 1972, Japan National Railways opened this museum to protect the disappearing steam locomotives as industrial properties.
In 1987, Japanese National Railways was split into seven railway companies and privatized as the JR Group, and this museum is run by JR West now.

Now this museum has 16 different kinds of 19 locomotives, and they had been produced from 1914 to 1948.
Seven of them can run, even now. And two locomotives are sometimes used for the trains of spcial events on JR Yamaguchi Line.

Umekoji was a former rail yard for locomotives, and has a roundhouse and a turntable.
All of the locomotives are set up there.
One of movable locomotives runs for about 1 km in the museum as a little train.
(It is operated from 11:00 to 16:00. The running time is about 10 minutes. The name of the train is "SL-Steam-gou".)

The admission fee is 1,200 yen.
The fee of SL-Steam-gou is 300 yen.

Kyoto Railway Museum official website

How to get to here

By route bus

About 10 minutes from Kyoto station to Umekoji-koen-mae stop, by bus with route No. 205, 208 or 33.

Roundhouse in Umekoji
Turntable in Umekoji
Popular steamer, D51
Train by movable stramer, 8620
Former Nijo station
Accessories attached on the steamer for Emperor's train
All photoes by Railstation.net

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