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Shukkeien garden

Shukkeien gardenShukkeien is a Japanese garden, and is located about 0.5 km east of Hiroshima Castle.
And it is located about 0.5 km west of Hiroshima station.

The first lord of Hiroshima Clan, Nagaakira Asano (1586-1632) built this garden in 1620.
The garden was destroyed by fire in 1758, but the new garden was rebuilt.
Since Meiji Period (1868-1912), it became the villa of Asano family.
It was opened to the public in 1913, and Asano family donated this garden to Hiroshima Prefecture.

It is said that the garden was modeled on the scenery of Xi Hu (West Lake) in Hangzhou city in China.
A large pond is in the center of the garden, and several small island are set up in the pond.
Some hills are built around the pond, and tea houses, arbors and bridges are dotted.

In 1945, this garden was devastated by A-bomb.
It was used as a shelter, then it crammed with refugees.
Many of them died here without treatment, then the dead bodies were buried under the dead trees by blast of A-bomb.
The current garden was restored from 1949, and was re-opened in 1951.
And a memorial to the dead people here was set up by the trees in 1988.

How to get to here

On foot

About 12 minutes walk from JR Hiroshima station.

Seifukan, the central house Meigetsutei, a tea house
Yuyutei, an arbor A view from Yuyutei

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