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Fudo-in temple

Fudo-in templeFudo-in is a temple of Shingon Buddhism, one of the major schools of Japanese Buddhism, and is located about 4 km north of JR Hiroshima station.

It is said that the temple was founded by high priest Gyoki in the 8th century, but it is not sure.
But it is sure that it had already existed around the 10th century.

There are some buildings in the temple grounds.
Kondo (Main temple) was rebuilt in 1540, and is designated as a national treasure.
Shourou (Bell tower) built in 1433 and Roumon gate built in 1594 are designated as important cultural properties.
It is said that Roumon gate was made of the woods which were brought back from Korea when Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the warlord who unified Japan, invaded there in 1592.

When A-bomb was dropped, this temple was positioned about 4 km from the center of explosion.
The blast damaged the roofs of the buildings, but they avoided the collapses fortunately.
This is one of the few historic structures in Hiroshima city.

How to get to here

By railroad

By Astram Line, about 7-8 minutes from central city (Hondori or Kencho-mae station) to Fudoin-mae station.

Roumon gate

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