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Usa Shrine

Usa Shrine Usa Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Usa city located at the north part of Oita Prefecture.
It is located about 4 km west of JR Usa station.

In Japan, there are over 40 thousand Shinto shrines with the name of "Hachimangu".
Usa Shrine is the headquarter of them.
(It is said that the total number of Shinto shrine is about 110 thousand in Japan.)
So this shrine is sometimes called "Usa Hachimangu".

"Hachiman" means the gods enshrined in Hachimangu shrine.
They are Emperor Oujin (201-310), Empress Jinguu (170-269), and Himegami which are goddesses of Shinto.
The emperor and empress are the ancestors of current Emperor Family, but they appears in ancient history books and it is unbelievable when they were born and died.

It is said that the shrine was founded in the late 6th century.
And the first shrine pavilion enshrining Emperor Oujin were built in 725.
Then the second pavilion enshrining Himegami was built in 729, and the third pavilion enshrining Empress Jinguu was built in 823.
After that, this shrine developed as the second important shrine for Emperor Family after Ise Shrine.

The current three shrine pavilions were rebuilt from 1855 to 1861, and all of them are designated as national treasures.

How to get to here

By rairoad and route bus

  1. To Usa, by JR limited express "Sonic", about 55 minutes from Kokura, about 1 hours and 45 minutes from Hakata.
  2. By route bus, about 7 minutes from Usa station. station.

Usa shrine
Torii gate
Saidaimon gate
Wakamiya shrine 7, 5, 3-year-old festival in Usa Shrine

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