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Hita city

HitaMap of Hita city Hita is a city located about 70 km west of Oita city.
It is in Oita Prefecture, but is closer to some main cities in Fukuoka Prefecture rather than Oita and Beppu.

Mikuma River flows through this city to the west.
This river comes from around Mount Aso, flows through Hita, changes the name to Chikugo River in Fukuoka Prefecture, and flows into Ariake Sea.

This city is in the basin surrounded with many mountains, and has dense fog in winter by the water of the river.

A castle was built in the 9th century.
In 1593, Hita became the government-ruled area.
So the castle was demolished and the government office was set up.
In the result, a tidy town was formed, and the culture like Kyoto or Edo (current Tokyo) developed.

The old town is Mamedamachi, and is located about 1.2 km north of JR Hita station. It is sometimes called "Little Kyoto".
The north end of the town is along Kagetsu River.
In November, the evening festival "Sen'nen Akari" is held there. Over 30 thousand bamboo lantern create the fantastic atmosphare.

And Hita Gion Festival held in July as a traditional festival of the city is popular.

Main spots in Hita city

  • Mamedamachi old town /1/ : The old town about 400 meters from north to south, about 200 from east to west.
    It was constructed in 1616. The massive fires in 1772 and 1887 destroyed many houses, but this town was restored.
    Kamimachi street and Miyuki street runs from north to south, and there are many old houses along the streets.
  • Kusano-honke merchant residence /2/ : The oldest merchant residence in Oita Prefecture.
    Kusano Family had been the merchant of wax, and some of the buildings in the residence were built in the late 17th century.
  • Tenryo Hita Museum /3/ : The museum introducing old culture of Hita.
    "Tenryo" means "government-ruled area in Edo Period (1603-1868)".
    Old paintings, books, maps are displayed.
  • Hirose Museum /4/ : The museum about folk culture and economy in Hita.
    The building is former residence of Hirose family built in the 1670s.
  • Nippongwan Museum /5/ : The museum of a medicine "Nippongwan".
    Iwao pharmacy was founded in 1855, and they invented and started selling the panacea "Nippongwan" in 1887.
    But they had not make Nippongwan anymore after the World War II because it is extremely hard to procure musk and rhino's horn, which is one of the main ingredients of the panacea.
    So they stopped producing the panacea in the 1960s, then decreased the phermacy in size.
    And the building built in the early 20th century was opened as the museum in 1993.
  • Kangien school /6/ : The boarding school located about 0.4 km south of Mamedamachi.
    It was founded in 1805 by Tansou Hirose (1782-1856), a Confucianist in Hita.
    To cultivate excellent human resources, he was opened to both samurai and commoner, and to both boys and girls.
    The school was closed in 1897, but about 4,800 pupils were educated equally.
  • Hita Gion Float Museum /7/ : The museum of floats using in Hita Gion Festival located about 0.8 km west of Hita station.
    The festival held in July models Gion Festival in Kyoto, and beautiful floats appears.
    This museum displays 6 floats and many other articles using in the festival.
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How to get to here

By railroad

By limited express "Yufuin-no-mori", "Yufu-DX" on JR Kyudai Line, about 1 hour and 50 minutes from Oita, about 1 hours and 20-25 minutes from Hakata.

Sen'nen Akari Festival in November
Tenryo Hita Museum
Hirose Museum
Nippongwan Museum
Kangien school
Hita Gion Float Museum
Hita Gion Festival in July

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