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Yufuin hot spring resort

Yufuin Yufuin hot spring resort is located about 15 km west of Beppu.
Between Yufuin and Beppu, there are two volcanos, Mount Tsurumi (1,375 meters high) and Mount Yufu (1,584 meters high).
Yufuin is at the southwestern foot of Mount Yufu, and there are more than 850 hot springs.

This hot spring has been known since the 7th century with Beppu hot spring. Until the early 20th century, Yufuin was a part of Beppu hot spring resort.
After that, Yufuin has developed as an independent hot spring resort.

Yufuin aimed at a calm hot spring resort unlike Beppu.
This town rejected the resort development with dam construction in the 1950s and the plan of golf course in the 1970s.
And this town learned the plan of spa and health resort from Germany.

As the result, Yufuin hot spring became the great resort town with idyllic atmosphare and without entertaining elements.
So this resort is popular with the ladies.

More than 100 small hotels, ryokans, minshukus (Japanese-styke inns) are dotted within about 2 km from JR Yufuin station.
And many small art galleries are in the town.

There is small Lake Kinrin about 1.5 km west of Yufuin station.
It is just at the southwestern foot of Mount Yufu, and clear water and hot water are springing from the bottom.
So the water of lake is warm, and the lake creates a fantastic sight of water vapor from the surface in winter.

Near Lake Kinrin, there is a public outdoor bathhouse "Shitan'yu".
This is a mixed bathing bathhouse. And the open bathtub is near the walking trail of Lake Kinrin.
If you are interested in the bath, please try to bathe in naked.
No man minds this bathhouse, but the fee is 200 yen.

The area between Lake Kinrin and Yufuin station is called Yunotsubo.
Its main street named "Yunotsubo-kaido" is very popular for visitors, and there are many unique shops, cafes and restaurants.
(But some say that this area has lost the original meaning of Yufuin.)

To tour around the resort town, you can use renral bicycle, rickshaw for sightseeing, horse-drawn coach, Scarborough (Antique bus), and walking.

How to get to here

By railroad

By limited express "Yufuin-no-mori", "Yufu-DX" on JR Kyudai Line, about 45 minutes from Oita, about 2 hours and 10-20 minutes from Hakata.

Yufuin hot spring resort A view of Mount Yufu from an outdoor bath
Lake Kinrin Lake Kinrin in winter
Shitan'yu bathhouse Open bathroom in Shitan'yu
Yunotsubo-kaido Scarborough
Rickshaw Horse-drawn coach

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