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Tokyo station

Tokyo stationTokyo station is the central station in Tokyo, not only that, it is the center of all JR lines in Japan.
The starting station of all Shinkansen is here. And many other lines start from here or pass through here.

It is crowded with tens of thousands of commuters in the morning and in the evening, additionally many businessmen, shoppers, and tourists visit here all through the day.

The first railroad in Japan was opened between Shinbashi and Yokohama in 1872.
And the north line from Ueno was opened in 1883.
And the government was decided to build a connecting railroad between Shinbashi and Ueno, then new central station was placed at the middle point. It was current Tokyo station.

And on the west side of the station, where faces Kokyo (Imperial Palace), the main Western-style building was built in 1914.
The original building was destroyed in air raid in 1945, but current building was rebuilt in 1947.

The west side of the station is called "Marunouchi side", and the east side is called "Yaesu side".

Most platforms are on the second floor. Only the platforms of Yokosuka and Sobu Line and Keiyo Line are under the ground.
Especially the platforms of Keiyo Line is set up at the deep place and the location is on the fringe of the station, so we need over 10 minutes to reach the platforms.

There are many shops, cafes, restaurants along the concourses under the platforms.

How to get to here


By Tokaido-Shinkansen, about 2 hours and 40 minutes from Shin-Osaka, 2 hours and 25 minutes from Kyoto, and 1 hours 45 minutes from Nagoya.
By Tohoku-Shinkansen, about 1 hours and 50 minutes from Sendai, 2 hours and 30 minutes from Morioka.

Tokyo station
Marunouchi exit of Tokyo station
Yaesu exit of Tokyo station
A Shinkansen leaving Tokyo station A platform of Tokyo station
Crowded concourse in Tokyo station Night Tokyo station

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