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GinzaGinza map Ginza is one of the oldest downtown in Tokyo.
In this area, there are famed department stores, many brand-name stores, various restaurants and cafes. Also we can find many galleries.
But there are few mass retailers, fast-food shops, gaming arcades or karaoke bars. So Ginza is smart and luxurious shopping area.
People of all generations come here.

Ginza is located southeast of JR Yurakucho station.
The area is about 1.2 km long from northeast to southwest and 0.7 km wide. And it has grid of streets and avenues.

The main street running from northeast to southwest is "Ginza Street". (The formal name is Chuo Street.)

Seven avenues running from east to west divide the area into 8 blocks.
They are named as from "Ginza 1-chome" to "Ginza 8-chome" in order from north.
The central avenue is Harumi Avenue.

The intersection of Ginza Street and Harumi Avenue is the center of Ginza. It is often called "Ginza 4-chome intersection".

These streets and the area around JR Yurakucho is most busiest in Ginza. And they have a lot of traffic.
The whole Ginza Street is turned into car-free promenade in the afternoon on Sunday and National Holiday.

Ginza Official : The website introducing Ginza

Tokyo, Ginza

Along Ginza Street (Ginza 4-1 chome)

  • Ginza 4-chome intersection /1/ (Between 4-chome and 5-chome) : The central point of Ginza area.
  • Wako Department Store /2/ (4-chome) : The store of its watches, jewellery, porcelain, dishware, and handbags. The clock tower is the symbol.
  • Mitsukoshi /3/ (4-chome) : One of the old established department stores.
  • Kimuraya Sohonten /4/ (4-chome) : The bakery which invented bread filled with bean paste in 1874.
  • Mikimoto /5/ (4-chome) : The pearl shop by the originator of cultured pearls since 1893.
  • Matsuya /6/ (3-chome) : One of the popular department stores in Ginza.
  • Itoya /7/ (2-chome) : Stationery shop selling the goods for everyday use and deluxe goods.

Along Ginza Street (Ginza 5-8 chome)

  • San'ai /11/ (5-chome) : A unique cylindrical building. It is the store for women's dresses.
  • Kyukyodo /12/ (5-chome) : Shop of the goods for calligraphy, incenses and Japanese papers.
  • Ginza Core /13/ (5-chome) : A building opened in 1971 containing many boutiques and restautansts.
  • New MELSA /14/ (5-chome) : Department store gathering many boutiques.
  • Matsuzakaya /15/ (6-chome) : One of the old established department stores.
  • Hakuhinkan /16/ (8-chome) : Department store for toys established in 1899.

Along Harumi Street

  • Sukiya-bashi intersection /21/ : Popular entrance point from Yurakucho station to Ginza.
  • Sony Building /22/ : The showroom of Sony products. There are some restaurants and cafes.
  • Tenshodo /23/ : Shop of its high-grade model trains, watches and jewery.
  • Kabukiza theater /24/ : See the page of Kabuki-za theater.

Around Yurakucho station

  • Yurakucho ITOCiA /31/ : The commercial complex opened in 2007.
  • Yurakucho Marion /32/ : The building contains 2 department stores and 3 movie theaters.
  • Printemps Ginza /33/ : The department store tying up with Magasins du Printemps in Paris.
  • Marronnier Gate /34/ : The commercial building opened in 2007. It contains the DIY store "Tokyu Hands".
  • Ginza Velvia-kan /35/ : The commercial building contains the shops and restaurants for adult.
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How to get to here

To Ginza 4-chome intersection

  • From JR Yurakucho station, about 10 minutes on foot.
  • Near the following subway stations.
    Ginza (nearby : Ginza, Hibiya Line, 5 minites walk : Marunouchi Line)
    Higashi-Ginza (5 minutes walk : Asakusa Line)
    Ginza 1-chome (5 minutes walk : Yurakucho Line)

Ginza Street on Sunday
Ginza 4-chome intersection at night
San'ai Building at Ginza
Matsuya, Ginza
Around Ginza 6-chome
An avenue around Ginza 7-chome
Sukiya-bashi intersection
Sony Building ariund Sukiya-bashi
Yurakucho Marion Building
Printemps Ginza

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