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Tsukiji fish market

Tsukiji fish marketTsukiji area mapTsukiji fish market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind.
In Japanese, it is called "Tsukiji-shijo".
It is located about 1 km south of central Ginza, and the main site is about 400 meters square.

Since the 17th century, main markets in Tokyo (Edo) were in Nihonbashi area.
But the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 destroyed them all, then the markets were newly opened at Tsukiji area.
And the current facilities were built in 1935.

The transaction volume is over 2,000 tons in fish and seafood and over 1,000 tons in vegitabale and fruit, and it is the top in Japan.
One-day schedule is the following.

  1. Around 17:00 - 3:00 (midnight) : Many loaded trucks arrive here from all over the country, then wholesale agents set out the arrived goods on own sale place.
  2. 3:00 - 5:00 : Buyers look around and check the goods which they want to get.
  3. 5:00 - 8:00 : Bidding are done, and each buyer takes the bid goods to own shop in this market. And they prepare a small portion of the good to sell to retailers and cooks.
  4. 8:00 - 11:00 : Retailers and cooks buy the goods.
  5. Around 13:00 - 17:00 : The market is cleaned up and prepared for the coming day.
Tokyo, Tsukiji Market

It is usually closed on Sunday and National Holiday, and is closed on Wednesday one or two times a month.

In this market we visitor cannot buy the goods. If you want to buy the fresh foods, please visit "Outside Market" described below.
(While it is called "outside market", the main market is often called "inside market".)

Caution !
Basically here is closed to all unauthorized people.
But everyone has access to here. Generous workers have permitted implicitly to enter.
Recently this market is known to foreign travelers as one of the interesting and exciting spots, so the majority of visitors are foreigners.

All goods here are the fresh foods for Tokyo citizens, and all workers here are busy on the job to deliver the foods to the citizens quickly and hygienically.
Despite this, many foreign visitors behave with selfishness such as touching the fish, stepping out of visitor's area, taking a photo with a flare of flashlightor inconsiderately, and disturbing the works !
The bidding is not a show !
So unfortunately, seeing the bidding has been limited since May 2010.
Only 140 visitors can see the bidding.
The first 70 visitors can see it from 5:00 to 5:40.
The second 70 visitors can see it from 5:40 to 6:15.
The entry of the tour strats at 4:30.

I dare say. Foreign visitors are the nuisances to all workers in Tsukiji !
Please see the market with good manner.

Additionally, the aisles in the market are narrow and many workers and delivery vehicles come and go all the time. Please walk with skirting them.
And the whole floors are wet. You had better wear the easy-washable clothes.

The Tsukiji Market : The official website of Tsukiji Market Association.
Tsukiji Fish Market Tour Guide : Guided tours by a Japanese NPO.

This market is scheduled to move to Toyosu area located about 2.5 km southeast from here in 2012.
But environment problems in the destination and a campaign against moving have occurs, so it has unknown consequences.


Uogashi-YokochoIt is the shopping town for the workers of Tsukiji fish market.
There are about 140 small shops in the 11 buildings, and they are eateries, food shops and household goods shops.
There are 39 eateries, and 14 shops of them serve sushi. Of course, they use fresh fish from the market, so many visitors come with the aim of this sushi.
Most shops is open from early morning to early afternoon just around the same time zone of the market.

Outside Market

Tsukiji Outside MarketTsukiji Outside Market is located northern next to the main market, and has about 400 shops.
There are many fish shops, seafood shops, vegitable shops and other various shops in this area. We can find several sushi restaurants.
Not only retailers but also ordinary people and tourists do their shopping.
Like the main market (Inside Market), this market is also closed on Sunday, National Holiday and some Wedensedays.

Tsukiji Honganji temple

Tsukiji Honganji templeIt is a Buddhist temple for Jodo Shinshu which is a school of Pure Land Buddhism, and is a branch temple of Nishi-Honganji in Kyoto.
It is located just east of Outside market area.

It was originally erected near Asakusa in 1617, but it was burnt down in 1657. After that, it was rebuilt here in 1679 because of the rearrangement original land.
It avoided collapsing by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, but it had been burnt down again by spreading fire.
The current temple was built in 1934.

This appearnce is very unique as Japanese temple, and it looks like a palace in South Asia.

Tsukiji Honganji temple official website

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How to get to here

By subway

  • Near the following subway stations.
    Tsukiji-shijo (Ooedo Line, and 1 minute walk) / Tsukiji (Hibiya Line, and 7 minutes walk)

The front gate of Tsukiji market
Bidding of tuna in Tsukiji fish market
Buyer's shops in Tsukiji fish market
Cutting a tuna in Tsukiji fish market
At buyer's shop in Tsukiji fish market
A street in the site of Tsukiji fish market
Many delivery vehicles in Tsukiji fish market
A street in Outside market
A shop in Outside Market
An eatery in Outside Market
Tsukiji Honganji temple

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