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Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea)

Tokyo Disney Resort mapTokyo Disney Resort is the resort complex with two popular theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.
In addition to these theme parks, it has the shopping mall "Ikspiari", the official Disney goods specialty shop "Bon Voyage!", the theater "Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo", and some large resort hotels.

It is on the coast at the northern end of Tokyo Bay, and is located only about 12 km east-southeast of Tokyo station.
It is in Urayasu city in "Chiba Prefecture", but because it is in Tokyo Metropolitan area and "Tokyo" is known in the world, "Tokyo" has been borne on the name.

First, "Tokyo Disneyland" was opened in 1983. It was the first Disneyland outside America.
After that, the Walt Disney Company proposed the conception of resort complex, then some hotels had been built around the Disneyland since 1986.
In 2001, Tokyo DisneySea was opened, and since here is developing.

The nearist station is Maihama on JR Keiyo Line, and the main gate is in front of the station.
The area has the width both about 1.5 km from east to west and from north to south. And Disney Resort Line, a monorail, runs around the area.

About 25 million people visit here a year, and it ranks 3rd in the world.

Tokyo Disney Resort official website

How to get to here


From Tokyo station to Maihama station, about 12 minutes by rapid train, about 16-19 minutes by local train on JR Keiyo Line

By Bus

  • From some stations in Kanto region, the buses to here run directly.
    About 1 hour from Shinjuku station and Yokohama station.
    And about 1 hour from Narita Airport, about 50 minutes from Haneda Airport.
  • From Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Nagoya in western Japan, the long-distance night buses run directly every night.
    For example, The bus from Kyoto departs Kyoto station at 23:00, then it arrives here around 7:30.

Entrance of Tokyo Disneyland
Cinderella Castle and the statue of Disney
World Basaar
Entrance of "Western River Railroad"
Mark Twain Riverboat and Big Thunder Mountain
Snow White's Adventure
Mickey's House
Night Parade in Tokyo Disneyland
Photo by http://disneyatraction.tetuyan.net/
Cinderella Castle in the evening 25th Anniversary Event of Tokyo Disneyland
Entrance of Tokyo DisneySea
Mediterranean Harbor
American Waterfront
Lost River Delta
Arabian Coast
Jumpin' Jellyfish in Tokyo DisneySea
Entrance of Ikspiari Gracious Square
Theater Front Disney Resort Line

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