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Kamogawa and Katsuura

Kamogawa and KatsuuraSotobo area mapThe southeastern area of Boso peninsula is mountainous and has a coastline with many inlets and rocky coasts.
And there are many small bathing resorts along this coastline.

Kamogawa and Katsuura are the central cities in this area.
Several sightseeing spots are around these cities.

Kamogawa Sea World /1/

Kamogawa Sea WorldIt is the large ocean leisure facilities located about 1.5 km northeast of JR Awa-Kamogawa station which is the central station in Kamogawa city.
Basically here is an large aquarium, and various marine animals are kept in captivity.
Especially this aquarium has many actual achievements of breeding various marine creatures like bottlenose dolphin, killer whale, Australian sea lion, walrus and so on.

To visit here, we can use the complimentary shuttle service from Awa-Kamogawa station.

Kamogawa Sea World official website

Niemon island /2/

Niemon islandIt is a small island about 200 meters from the coast, and is located about 3.5 km south of central Kamogawa city.
The width of island is only 250 meters from north to south and from east to west, but this is the largest island in Chiba Prefecture.
In 1180, Niemon Hirano living in this island hid Yoritomo Minamoto routed after the defeat in a civil war here, then Yoritomo saw his chance, and at last he won the post of Shogun and founded Kamakura government in 1192. Of course, Yoritomo had accorded Niemon every courtesy as an important benefactor.
Since that, Niemon has been handled down from generation to generation, then the 38th Niemon Hirano is living in this island now. (The house in this island is only Hirano family's.)

The house was rebuilt in 1704, and Hirano family opens the inside to the public.
And there is the cave where Yoritomo had hidden away at the southern coast.

To visit here, get off at Futomi station (next to Awa-Kamogawa station) on Uchibo Line, walk about 12 minutes and go by small boat with a boatman.

Seichoji temple /3/

Seichoji templeIt is a temple of Nichiren Buddhism, and is located about 7 km northwest of central Kamogawa city.
It was built in 771, and became a temple of Tendai Zen sect in 836.
In the 13th century, Nichiren, a high priest, had performed the ascetic practices here, and he founded Nichiren Buddhism in 1253.

The precincts are located at the level of about 310 meters, and have some cultural properties.
And a Japanese cedar over 1,000 years old is designated as a national natural treasure.

To visit here, get off at Awa-Amatsu station (next to Awa-Kamogawa station) on Sotobo Line, and get on a route bus to Seichoji. It takes about 12 minutes.

Tanjoji temple /4/

Tanjoji templeIt is the head temple of Nichiren Buddhism, and is located about 9 km east of central Kamogawa city. The nearest station is Awa-Kominato on JR Sotobo Line.
Nichiren was born in this town in 1222. And his disciple built this temple in 1276. "Tanjo" means "birth".
Most buildings were rebuilt in the 18-19th centuries, and the main hall was rebuilt in 1993.

To visit here, get off at Awa-Kominato station (next to Awa-Amatsu station) on Sotobo Line, get on a route bus to Okitsu-eki and get off at Tanjoji-iriguchi stop. It takes about only 3 minutes. (If you walk from the station to here, it takes about 25 minutes.)

Tainoura /5/

TainouraIt is the sea area near Tanjoji temple.
"Tainoura" means "sea that red sea breams swim", so we can see many red sea breams swimming in the shallow sea by pleasure boat.
But red sea breams usually live about 30-200 meters under the sea. This sea has a depth of only 10-20 meters. Additionally they swim in school. Generally they don't school up !
This has been scientifically-unknown. So here is designated as a special national treasure.

In the 13th century, Priest Nichiren came back to this town for praying his father's soul.
When he threw a paper on which he wrote a Buddhist sutra into this sea, a miracle that many red sea breams gathered and had eaten the paper happened.
Since that, here became a holy place, and people has kept the prohibition of fishing here.

We can board the pleasure boat at the harbor near Tanjoji temple.

Katsuura Undersea Park /6/

Katsuura Undersea ParkIt is the marine park located about 3.5 km southwest of JR Katsuura station.
The main facility is the observatory tower.
On the bottom there is the undersea observatory room, and we can see the undersea through the windows. And on the top there is the observatory that we can see the view of Pacific Ocean.
Around the tower, there are the museums about the sea and a restaurant.

To visit here, get off at Ubara station (next to Katsuura station) on Sotobo Line, and walk about 15 minutes.

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How to get to here


From Tokyo by limited express "Wakashio", 1 hour and 23-33 minutes to Katsuura, 1 hour and 48-58 minutes to Awa-Kamogawa.

By express bus

  • From Tokyo station to Awa-Kamogawa station, through Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, about 2 hours.
  • From Tokyo station to Katsuura station, through Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, about 2 hours and 5 minutes.

By car

From Tokyo to Tateyama, through Kawasaki city, Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, Tateyama Expressway, about 100 km, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Entrance of Kamogawa Sea World
Aquarium in Kamogawa Sea world
A performance by dolphins in Kamogawa Sea world
Niemon island
The boat to Niemon island
A scenery in Niemon island
Sanmon Gate in Seichoji temple
Main Hall of Seichoji temple
Main gate of Tanjoji temple Soshido Hall in Tanjoji temple
Tainoura Katsuura Undersea Park
Undersea observatory room

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