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South Boso

South BosoSouth Boso area mapSouth Boso is generally the area of the southernmost part in Boso peninsula.

This area has a temperate climate, so it is richly cultivated with flowers.
In winter, we can see the beautiful flowers in this area.

The central city is Tateyama located on the west side of the peninsula, and there is Chikura town on the east side of the peninsula.
The limited expresses of JR stop at these stations, and the route buses touring around the south tip of peninsula depart from these stations. The southernmost part of the peninsula is Shirahama town.

Kan'non temple on a cliffside /1/

Kan'non on a cliffIt is a unique temple on a cliffside, and is located about 4.5 km northwest of JR Tateyama station.
It is said that a high priest Gyoki was founded in 717 for luck to fishing people, and the formal name is Daifukuji.
It was destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, but it was rebuilt in 1925.
It has a statue of the Goddess of Kan'non with 11 faces as its principal image.
We can see the view of Tokyo Bay and Tateyama city from its terrace.

It takes about 20 minutes by route bus to Namuya from Tateyama station.

Boso-Flower Line /2/

Boso-Flower LineIt is the road along the coastline from Tateyama city to Chikura town, and the length is about 40 km.
This is the main route touring South Boso area.
There are some sightseeing spots along this route, and we can see the scenery of the sea and the fields of flowers.

Nanbo Paradise /3/

Nanbo ParadiseIt is a tropical botanical garden located about 7 km southwest of central Tateyama city, and is near Boso-Flower Line.
It was built in 1970, and has set up a partnership with Singapore Botanic Gardens.
There are about 5,000 kinds of tropical plants in a large glass houses with 11 rooms.
And in the site, there are the beds of flowers, the house of butterflies, petting zoo and other some facilities.

Cape Nojimazaki /4/

Cape NojimazakiIt is the southernmost cape in Boso peninsula, and is located about 11 km south of Tateyama city.
There is a white lighthouse on the cape. It was built in 1870 and was rebuilt in 1946.
It is one of the popular spots in South Boso area.
We can climb to the top. And there is a museum about this lighthouse near it.

Shiramazu /5/

ShiramazuShiramazu is a district located about 7 km south of JR Chikura station.
There are many field of flowers cultivating for markets and visitors around this district, and the scenery is a symbol of South Boso area in winter.
The main season is from January to March, and we can see the colorful flowers such as poppy, stock, pot marigold and other some kinds.

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How to get to here


  1. From Tokyo to Tateyama, under 2 hours by JR limited express "Sazanami".
  2. If you go to Chikura, it takes about 13 minutes from Tatayama by local train on Uchibo Line.

By express bus (named "Boso Nanohana")

From Tokyo station, through Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, to Tateyama station, about 2 hours.
Some buses go to Shirahama town (near Nojimazaki) through Chikura station. About 23 minutes to Chikura, 43 minutes to Shirahama, from Tateyama.

By car

From Tokyo to Tateyama, through Kawasaki city, Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, Tateyama Expressway and Futtsu-Tateyama Road, about 100 km, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The buses running on Boso Flower-Line

  • Tateyama station - Boso Flower-Line - Flower-Park.
    This route bus stops at Nanbo Paradise. About 40 minutes from Tateyama station.
  • Tateyama station - Nojimazaki - Awa-Shirahama.
    To Nojimazaki, about 36 minutes from Tateyama station.
  • Chikura station - Shiramaza - Awa-Shirahama.
    This route bus stops at Shiramazu. About 15 minutes from Chikura station.

Kan'non temple on a cliffside
A view from the terrace of Daifukuji temple
Boso-Flower Line
Nanbo Paradise
Glass house in Nanbo Paradise
Cape Nojimazaki
Lighthouse on Cape Nojimazaki

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