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Mount Nokogiri

Mount NokogiriMount Nokogiri is a mountain located southwest part of Chiba Prefecture.
It is about 329 meters high, and towers near Tokyo Bay.

"Nokogiri" means "saw". Surely the shape of the peaks looks like the tooth of a saw.
Here had been a quarry, then that formed the shape for a long time.
We can go up to one of the peaks by ropeway from the northern foot, and we can see Tokyo Bay, Miura peninsula and Yokohama city.
If it is fine, we can find Izu peninsula and Mount Fuji in the distance.

There is Nihonji temple on the southern mountainside of Mount Nokogiri.
It is said that the temple was founded in 725. But it was scraped by the Meiji government in the late 19th century.
Now a Giant Buddha, many stone Buddhist images and some remains are in the wide precincts. Whole area of Mount Nokogiri is its precincts.
The Giant Buddha is about 31 meters high, and it is the hightest Buddha in Japan.

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. From Tokyo to Hamakanaya station on JR Uchibo Line, about 1 hour and 30 minutes by JR limited express "Sazanami".
  2. Walk about 10 minutes to the station of the ropeway.
  3. It takes about 4 minutes to the top of the mountain.

Mount Nokogiri
Miura peninsula in the distance from Mount Nokogiri
The precincts of Nihonji temple Stone steps in Nihonji temple
Giant Buddha in Nihonji temple
Stone Buddha images in Nihonji temple
Hyakushaku-Kan'non built in 1966
A thrilling observatory in Nihonji temple

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