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Yoro Ravine

Yoro RavineYoro Ravine is positioned roughly in the center of Boso Peninsula.
In Japanese, it is called "Yourou-keikoku".
It is a ravine formed by Yoro River, and there are some waterfalls along the river.
Around the ravine, rich forests are spread.

The entrance to this ravine is Yoro-keikoku station on Kominato Railway Line.
From here to the south, the ravine stretches for about 6 km.

At about 1 km south of the station, there is Yoro hot spring resort, and it has several ryokans and hotels.
Around this resort, there is "Shusse Kan'non" temple founded in the late 12th century.
"Shusse" means "successful career", then many worshippers have visited here.
Kan'non Bridge on the approach across Yoro River is unique.

At about 5 km point, there is "Maboroshi Waterfall".
And at about 6 km point, there is the largest "Awamata Waterfall".
Around there, a wakling trail are set up.

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. From Tokyo to Goi station on JR Uchibo Line, about 40-45 minutes by JR limited express "Sazanami".
  2. Change to the train of Kominato Railway Line at Goi.
  3. It takes about an hour from Goi to Yoro-keikoku station.

Kan'non bridge
Shusse Kan'non temple
A scenery in Yoro Ravine
Maboroshi Waterfall
The gate to Awamata Waterfall
Awamata Waterfall in Yoro Ravine
A walking trail along Yoro River

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