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Kiyosu Castle

Kiyosu CastleKiyosu Castle is located about 6 km northwest of Nagoya station, and is in Kiyosu city.

It was built in 1405.
And Nobunaga Oda, one of the famous warlords, moved from Nagoya Castle to here in 1555. He renovated the castle as his main base.

The castle town had formed around the castle.
But Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of Edo Government, built Nagoya castle, so he moved the castle and the town to there from 1610 to 1613.
To build Nagoya Castle, the materials of Kiyosu castle were also used. (The distance from Kiyosu Castle to Nagoya Castle is about 6 km.)
After that, Kiyosu Castle was abandoned.

The current Kiyosu Castle was rebuilt in 1989. But there has been few detailed records of the original castle, so the building facade was created by guess.
There is the museum in the castle.

How to get to here

By railroad

By express train to Gifu on Meitetsu Line, get off at Shin-Kiyosu station. About 7 minutes from Meitesu-Nagoya station.
About 15 minutes walk from there.

Kiyosu Castle
Museum in the castle
Nobunaga Oda
The scene of Nobunaga's dance before battle
garden around the entrance
Original castle site

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