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Urakuen garden

Urakuen gardenUrakuen is a garden with some tea ceremony houses, and it is an attached facility of Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel.
It is located at the eastern foot of Inuyama Castle, and some tea ceremony houses are dotted in Japanese garden and forests.

"Joan" is one of the tea ceremony houses, and it is designated as a national treasure.
It was built in 1618 in Shoden'in temple in Kyoto which is one of the sub-temples of Ken'ninji.
It was built by Uraku Oda who was a brother of Nobunaga Oda and a master of ceremonial tea. His Christian name was "Joan", so he gave it the name.

This house was moved to the residence of Mitsui family in Tokyo, one of the great company syndicates.
After that, Mitsu moved it to the villa in Ooiso in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1938.
And Nagoya Railroad company bought it, then Joan came here.

Joan is rated as the most excellent tea ceremony houses with samurai's moderation.

"Kyu Shoden'in-Shoin" is a guest house built in 1618 by Uraku.
It was also built in Shoden'in temple.
This house was bought from Mitsui with Joan.

In Urakuen, there are a few other new tea ceremony houses.
We can enjoy the tea ceremony.

The name of Urakuen, of course, comes from Uraku.

How to get to here

By railroad

By express train on Meitetsu Inuyama Line, get off at Inuyama-yuuen station. About 28-35 minutes from Meitetsu-Nagoya station.
About 8 minutes walk from there.

By car

From Nagoya station, about 29 km on Route 41.

Gate to Urakuen Karamon gate of former Tokugenji temple
Joan Kyu Shoden'in-Shoin

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