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Toyokawa Inari temple

Toyokawa Inari templeToyokawa Inari is a Buddhist temple of Soto school of Zen Buddhism.
It is located at the center of Toyokawa city located at the southeast part of Aichi Prefecture.
It is about 7 km north of Toyohashi city.

The formal name is "Myogonji", but it is known familiar to most people as "Toyokawa Inari".
Inari is a goddess in Buddhism or Hinduism, and she climbs onto a fox in Japan.
So there is a pair of stone-carved guardian foxes in front of the temple.
It is originally a goddess of agriculture, but people understand that it is a goddess of business now.
So many businessmen and merchants visit here.

This temple was founded in 1441.
And current main temple was rebuilt in 1930. Hattou temple is old, and it was rebuilt in 1813.

How to get to here

By railroad

  • From Meitetsu-Nagoya to Toyokawa-Inari station, about 1 hour and 10 minutes by express on Meitetsu Line.
  • From Toyohashi on Tokaido Shinkansen to Toyokawa station, about 13 minutes by local train on JR Iida Line.

By car

Run on Tomei Expressway, and exit at Toyokawa Exit. About 3 km from there.

Main gate Hattou temple
Main temple of Toyokawa Inari Entrance of Main temple
A stone-carved guardian fox Japanese garden in Toyokawa Inari

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