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Tokoname city

Tokoname cityTokoname city mapTokoname is a city located about 30 km south of Nagoya city.
It is on the west coast of Chita Peninsula, and faces Ise Bay.
There is Chubu Centrair International Airport just off the coast.

Tokoname has produced much clay, so the potteries have created here since around the 12-13th centuries.
It is said that several thousand kilns were in this area at the time.

The clay of Tokoname contains iron, so Tokoname wares have reddish color.
Most of them have been practical goods, and the works are vase, crock, teapot and so on.
Since the late 19th century, earthenware pipes and tiles for civil engineering and archtecture have been produced.

Tokoname is the top producer of Japanese teapots in Japan.
Additionally it is also the top producer of Maneki-neko (Welcome cat).

Toujiki-kaikan (Ceramic Hall) located about 0.4 km east of Tokoname station has the map for tourists.
And the recommended courses to walk are set up, and the start point is the hall.
Along the courses, you can enjoy the ceramic town.

  • Maneki-neko Street /1/ : The street between Tokoname station and Toujiki-kaikan. On the walls along the street, many Maneki-neko are pasted.
    And on the wall, there is a large Maneki-neko called "Tokonyan".
  • Dokan-zaka (Slope of Earthenware Pipes) /2/ : The street along the walls with many earthenware pipes and crocks. It is the most popular scenery in Tokoname.
  • Climbing Kiln /3/ : One of the largest climbing kiln used until 1974. We can tour the inside of the kiln.
  • INAX Museum /4/ : The museum complex of INAX, the large ceramic company in Japan. In the building of the old factory, the tile museum and a few workshops are set up.
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How to get to here

By railroad

From Meitetsu-Nagoya, about 33-37 minutes by express on Meitetsu Tokoname Line.

By car

From Nagoya station, about 40 km through Chitahanto Road.

Crocks of Tokoname ware Teapots of Tokoname ware
Maneki-neko Street Tokonyan
Dokan-zaka Walking road in Tokoname
The scenery of ceramic town
Artistic shop near walking road
Climbing Kiln Inside of Climbing Kiln
INAX Museum
Beautiful porcelain toilet

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