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Okazaki Castle

Okazaki CastleOkazaki Castle is at the nearly center of Okazaki city located about 35 km southeast of Nagoya.

The original castle was built in 1452.
And Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of Edo government and its first Shogun, was born in 1542 in this castle.
When he was 6 years old, he was moved to Nagoya as a politically-motivated hostage.
In 1560, he returned here. And he was a lord of this castle for 10 years.
In the early 17th century, this castle was enhanced as an important one because the Shogun had been born there.

After the end of feudal Edo Period (1603-1868), this castle was demolished in 1873. In 1959, the castle tower was rebuilt as a historic buildings, and the site became Okazaki Park.
Around the park, there is the central zone of Okazaki city. In the zone, old stone walls of the castle was found when the research on the land prior to constructing an apartment building was conducted in 2007. So it is presumed that the original castle was one of the greatest ones in Japan.

Next to the castle tower, there is Tatsuki Shrine. It was built after Ieyasu Tokugawa died, and the original name was "Toshoguu" like Nikko and Kunozan.
And there is a well of which the water was used for the first bath of Ieyasu after he was born.

How to get to here

By railroad

By limited express to Toyohashi of Meitetsu Line, about 33 minutes from Meitetsu-Nagoya station to Higashi-Okazaki.
Then walk for about 15 minutes.

By car

Run on Tomei Expressway, and exit at Okazaki Exit. About 3 km from there.

Okazaki Castle
Tatsuki Shrine
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Statue of Ieyasu Tokugawa
Photo by Railstation.net
The well of which the water was used for Ieyasu's first bath
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman

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