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Nara Park

Nara ParkMap around Nara ParkNara Park is a park located to the east of central Nara city.
Actually, Todaiji, Shoso-in, Kasuga-taisha, Kofukuji and Nara National Museum are included in this park. And it includes Wakakusaya and Kasugayama to the east of the city.
So, the area is about 2 km from north to south, and about 4 km from east to west in width.

There was a wide expanse of green lawn in the main area.
The park has no gate or fence, so we can visit anytime for free.
When we visit above sightseeing spots, it is the same as wandering in Nara Park.

In the park, there are a few ponds.
Especially, Sarusawa Pond is popular for the scenery that Five-story pagoda in Kofukuji and willow trees around it reflect on the surface of the water.
And there is Ukimido temple on the water in Sagi Pond, and the place around the pond is known for the magnificent cherry trees.

After all, the symbol of Nara Park is deer. In Nara Park, about 1,200 deer are living.
Deer is the messenger of God in Kasuga-taisha shrine, so deer have been protected carefully since ancient times.
The deer are in the wild, so they basically eat the grasses or nuts in Nara Park.
Therefore, you must not feed any food. But only the cracker for deer sold in the park is allowed to feed.

How to get to here

On foot

About 15-30 minutes walk from JR Nara station.
About 5-15 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara station.

Deer in Nara Park
Nara Park Around Nandaimon of Todaiji
Photo by Koto-Roman
A deer eats a cracker.
Photo by (c)Tomo.Yun
Sarusawa Pond
Ukimido in spring
©Nara Prefecture / ©JNTO
Ukimido in autumn

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