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Naramachi [ならまち]


A Machiya in Naramachi
A Machiya in Naramachi

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Naramachi is the district to the south of Kofukuji and Sarusawaike pond, and Gangoji temple is included.

In this district, there are many old houses since the 17th century.
As a historic area in Nara, this district is becoming popular.

Originally, this district was in the site of Gangoji.

Since the middle ages, Gangoji had declined and scaled down.
So this town had been formed on the old temple site.

In the town, various traditional industries such as calligraphy brush, inkstick, sword, sake, etc. developed.

So, it became the central town of Nara.

Inside of Machiya in Naramachi
Inside of Machiya

Earth floor of Machiya in Naramachi
Earth floor of Machiya

The district is about 600 meters from north to south and about 900 meters from east to west, and Gangoji is at the north end of this area.

Narrow streets run and there are many old houses.

Most of old wooden houses are Machiya.
It is the traditional architectural style in Kyoto and Nara.

The width of Machiya is small and the depth is large.
And most of them are two-story or three-story buildings.

In the house of Machiya, we find a long and straight earth floor like a street.
And the rooms are along the earth floor.

Some of the houses have a narrow courtyard.

Courtyard of Machiya in Naramachi
Courtyard of Machiya

Naramachi Museum
Naramachi Museum

We can see the structure of Machiya house at Naramachi Koshi-no-ie (ならまち格子の家).

It is located at the south part of the district, and is a restored Machiya for visitors.

In this distict, there are some other small museums in the Machiya house. And more than a dozen of small temples are dotted.

Naramachi (Japanese website)

How to get here

On foot, about 15 to 30 minutes from JR Nara station, about 7 to 20 minutes from Kintetsu Nara station.

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