Furano city [富良野]

Lavender and colorful flowers in Furano

Ningle terrace in winter

Map of tourist attractions in Furano

Furano is a small city located 50 km south of Asahikawa city.
And, it is also located 25 km south of Biei town.

The center of Furano area is Furano city, but there are Naka-furano (中富良野) town and Kami-furano (上富良野) town between Furano city and Biei town.

There are the tourist attractions in these areas.

Agriculture is the main industry, so principal products in this area are onion, carrot and melon.
Because the climate of Furano is similar to Provence in southern France, wine and cheese are also producted.

Furano is well-known as an area with lavender fields.
The best time to view lavender flowers is from mid-July to the end of July in Furano area.

In winter, Furano has much snow.
There is Furano Ski Resort, and the ski slope is sometimes used as the international ski race.

Furano Tourism Association

Furano city

It is the center of Furano area, and is at the south part of a basin.
The population is about 22 thousand.

  • (1) Furano ski resort (富良野スキー場)

    It is located 3 km west of JR Furano station.
    It is one of the biggest ski resorts in Japan, and has ever held the alpine skiing of World Cup.

    Recently the foreign skiers are increasing, and especially this is popular with Australians.

    It opens from late November to the beginning of May.

    Furano ski resort (Prince Snow Resort)

  • (2) Ningle terrace (ニングルテラス)

    It is a unique village of souvenir shops for tourists.
    All shops are in log cabins, and are scattered about in the forest near the Shin-Furano Prince Hotel.
    (It is one of the main hotels in Furano ski resort.)

  • (3) Highland Furano (ハイランドふらの)

    It is a hotel located 6 km northwest of Furano station.
    It is located in wide forest and lavender field, and is one of the spots to view lavender flowers in Furano area.

    We can stay here, and have a bath in the hot spring with viewing beautiful lavender flowers.

Map of tourist attractions in Furano

Naka-furano town

Naka-Furano is a town located about 7 km north-north east of the center of Furano city.
It is also about 20 km south of Biei.

The sightseeing spots are at No.11 to 13 in the map.

They are the farms of lavender and the best season is from July to August.
All of them are around JR Naka-Furano station.

  • (11) Farm Tomita (ファーム富田)

    It is a private farm located 2 km north of JR Naka-furano station.
    It is one of the most famous lavender flower farms in Furano area, and many tourists visit here.

    We can see the beautiful lavender flowers and other colorful flowers.

    Farm Tomita

  • (12) Naka-furano municipal lavender farm (中富良野町営ラベンダー園)

    It is a municipal lavender farm located on just north of Naka-furano station.

    It is on a slope of a hill, and we can go up to the top with lift.
    From the observatory, we see the lavender flowers and the wide view of Furano basin.

  • (13) Saika-no-sato (彩香の里)

    It is a privete farm located 1 km west of Naka-furano station.
    It is the widest lavender farm around this area, and is getting popular these days.

Map of tourist attractions in Furano

Kami-furano town

Kami-Furano is a town located about 14 km north-north east of the center of Furano city.
It is also about 14 km south of Biei.

The sightseeing spots are at No.21 to 23 in above map.

They are also the farms of lavender, and are located at a distance from JR Kami-Furano station.

  • (21) Hinode Park (日の出公園)

    It is a park located 1 km east of Kami-furano station.
    A hill is covered with lavender fields and there is an observatory on the top.

    On the third holidays in July, the lavender festival is held here.

  • (22) Flower Land Kami-furano (フラワーランドかみふらの)

    It is a flower park located 4 km north of Kami-furano station.
    There are many kinds of flowers such as not only lavender but also poppy, sunflower, lily and so on.

    We can look around the park on a tractor-bus.

  • (23) Miyama pass (深山峠)

    It is a small pass on Route 237.
    It is easy to get around here and we have a good view, so most tourist visit here.

    Around here, there are a few spots such as Trick art museum, Teddy Bear museum and Kan'no farm with lavender fields.

How to get here

By local train of JR Furano line from Asahikawa, about 1 hour and 20 minutes to Furano, about 1 hour and 10 minutes to Naka-Furano, about 1 hour to Kami-Furano.

By route bus, 1 hour and 35 minutes from JR Asahikawa station, 44 minutes from JR Biei station.

Hotels in Furano

Hotels in Furano

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