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Ryuokyo gorge

Ryuokyo gorgeRyuokyo gorge is located about 3 km north of Kinugawa hot spring resort.
In Japanese, it is pronounced as "Ryuuookyoo".

It has been formed by erosion of Kinu River for a long period of time.
Both riversides are steep rocky cliffs, and there are several strange rocks and waterfalls.
The length of the gorge is about 4 km, and it is located right between Ryuokyo station and Kawaji-onsen station on Yagan Railway Line.
There are some walking trails along the gorge.

"Ryuokyo" means "gorge of king of dragon".
It looks like the trace that a dragon had raged here.

How to get to here

By railroad

From Kinugawa-onsen, about 15 minutes by train of Yagan Railway.

By car

About 6 km from Kinugawa hot spring resort.

Ryuokyo gorge
Nijimi waterfall in Ryuokyo
Ryuokyo in autumn
Tategoto waterfall in Ryuokyo

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