Tochigi city [栃木市]

Old warehouses along Uzuma River

Old street to Nikko in Tochigi city

Tochigi city is located about 25 km southwest of Utsunomiya.

There are many old buidings and traditional warehouses built in the 18th and 19th centuries in the city.

Uzuma River flows through the city.
The river leads to Edo (current Tokyo), so this city flourished as an important point for waterway traffic.

Therefore, there are many old buildings and traditional warehouses built in the 18th and 19th centuries in the city.

So this city is sometimes called "Koedo" (Little Edo).

The main area spreads to the north of Tochigi station of JR Ryomo Line and Tobu Line.
It is within a range of about 1.5 km from the station.
And main spots are around Uzuma River flowing through the city.

In Uzuma River, small pleasure boat is operated.
The boarding point is near Tsukada Museum of History and Legend, and the boarding time is about 20 minutes.

Tsukada Museum of History and Legend

Tochigi Dashi Kaikan

Tsukada Museum of History and Legend (塚田歴史伝説館)

Tsukada Museum of History and Legend is located about 0.7 km north of Tochigi station.
Eight traditional warehouses in the 19th century line along Uzuma River.

Tsukada family was the lumber wholesale merchant, and they sent a lot of lumbers through Uzuma River to Edo.

The inside of the warehouses are opened to the public, and many materials are displayed.

In addition, some robots tell the visitors a few stories and play a drama in the warehouse.

Kyodo-Sankoukan (郷土参考館)

Kyodo-Sankoukan is located about 0.3 km south of City Hall.
It is a historical museum of Tochigi city.

The buildings are the main house of former Sakakura family and the warehouse.
Sakakura family was a pawnbroker in the early 19th century.

In the buildings, various materials about Tochigi city are displayed.

Tochigi Dashi Kaikan (とちぎ山車会館)

Tochigi Dashi Kaikan is located about 0.2 km south of City Hall.

It is a museum of the floats (Dashi) using in the Tochigi Autumn Festival held in November once every 2 years.

Three beautiful floats are displayed in the museum.
And the visitors can watch the video of the festival.

Kura-no-Machi Kankoukan

Adachi Kokokan

Kura-no-Machi Kankoukan (蔵の街観光館)

Kura-no-Machi Kankoukan is located near Tochigi Dashi Kaikan.
It is the visitor center for tourists.

The buildings were the shop and warehouse of a chandler in the early 20th century.

It is an information center and souvenir shop.

Adachi Kôkokan (あだち好古館)

Adachi Kôkokan is located near Kura-no-Machi Kankoukan.
It is an art gallery of Ukiyoe and other Japanese arts.

Adachi family was a kimono merchant in the 19th century.
The collection of this art gallery had been collected by the master.
The building was his warehouse.

Former City Hall

Okada Kinenkan

Former City Hall (栃木市役所別館)

Former City Hall is located about 0.4 km west of current City Hall.
It is a Western style building, and was built in 1921.

It is registered as a tangible cultural property in Japan.

Okada Kinenkan (岡田記念館)

Okada Kinenkan is located about 0.5 km north of City Hall.
It is the Okada Family's residence since 1688.

Okada family was samurai, and had been the leader in this area.

The buildings of the residence are the museum and there is Japanese garden.

How to get here

By limited express of Tobu Railway, about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Asakusa.

Or, by Tohoku-Shinkansen, about 43 minutes from Tokyo to Oyama.
Then by local train of JR Ryomo Line, about 12 minutes from Oyama.

Hotels around Tochigi city

Hotels around Tochigi city

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