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Yunishigawa hot spring resort

Yunishigawa hot spring resortYunishigawa hot spring is located about 20 km northwest of Kinugawa hot spring resort.
It is located deep in the mountains, and there are many hotels and ryokans along Yunishigawa River.

In the 10-12th centuries, Taira clan had gained real power in Japan.
But Minamoto clan raised a revolt against Taira's oppression in 1180. It had developed into civil war.
In 1185, the last battle between Taira and Minamoto was done, then Minamoto clan won and Taira clan was overthrown. And Minamoto clan was founded a new government in Kamakura.
Remnants of Taira had run away throughout the country and hidden in remote part of mountains.

Yunishigawa area is one of the places.

May 5th is the Boys' Festival in Japan, and families with boys fly carp streamers outdoors. But in Yunishigawa, it is not done.
Additionally no people keeps checkens announcing the hours.
Both customs was the methods that their enemies cannot find them. And the customs are inherited from their ancestors.

In the town, there are "Heike-no-sato" (Open air museum of the Taira's village) and a few museum about Taira clan.

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. To Yunishigawa-onsen station , about 25 minutes from Kinugawa-onsen by train of Yagan Railway.
  2. About 30 minutes from Yunishigawa-onsen station by route bus.

By car

About 30 km from Kinugawa hot spring resort. About 45 minutes.

Yunishigawa hot spring resort
Photo by Nihonrettou-okunijiman
Yunishigawa hot spring resort in winter
Photo by S-Hoshino.com
A ryokan like traditional house
Photo by Nihonrettou-okunijiman
Open air bath in autumn
Ice work in Yunishigawa hot spring resort
Photo by S-Hoshino.com
Heike-no-sato in winter

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