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Shiobara hot spring resort

Shiobara hot spring resortShiobara hot spring is a resort along the gorge formed by Houki River, and is located about 15-24 km west of Nasu-Shuiobara station on Tohoku-Shinkansen.
Eleven hot springs are dotted along the gorge.
The central hot spring is "Furumachi hot spring", and there are many hotels and ryokans. And each of the other hot springs have a few accommodation facilities.

This hot springs were found in the early 9th century.
And here is close to Nikko and Nasu, so this resort has been popular from a long time ago.

Almost hot springs have some public bathes.
And there are several outdoor bathes. Most of them are for mixed bathing.

Along the gorge, there are some sightseeing spots such as waterfalls and suspension bridges.

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. By Tohoku-shinkansen "Nasuno", about 1 hour and 15-20 minutes from Tokyo to Nasu-Shiobara.
  2. About 42 minutes from Nasu-Shiobara station by route bus.

By car

  1. Run Tohoku Expressway, and exit Nishi-Nasuno-Shiobara Exit. About 155 km from Tokyo. About 2 hours.
  2. About 15 km to central Shiobara hot spring resort from Nishi-Nasuno-Shiobara Exit.

Shiobara hot spring resort
A public outdoor bath
Ryuka waterfall Momijidani suspension bridge

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